Hair Care Tip: Aloe Vera Can Do Wonders for Virgin Hair Extensions

They say that when it comes to quality, virgin hair extensions are at the very top. They are best known for their durability, volume, and rich dark color. Still, even the best hair extensions need a little tender love and care to keep it shiny and healthy. You’re probably already familiar with the basic hair care [...]Read More

Protective Styling Tips to Properly Maintain Your Virgin Remy Hair

Anybody who has ever worn weaves or extension is no stranger to the difficulty of maintaining them. Routine maintenance is absolutely a must but what if you’re a busy gal or the weather is proving too harsh? Instead of wearing your hair out, you can just turn to protective styling. This way, you get to [...]Read More

Caring for Your Natural and Malaysian Wavy Hair: Basic Upkeep Tips

There’s something about a wavy hairstyle that makes it a universal favorite. Heroines from the most cherished classical tales are portrayed with long, romantic waves. Hollywood stars are often seen donning this feminine hairstyle on the red carpet. Additionally, lots of men find wavy hair very attractive on women. A Daily Mail poll on 3,000 [...]Read More

Thin Hair Due to Crash Dieting: How Hair Extensions Hide the Effects

So you found this beautiful dress you want to wear to your upcoming college reunion and think you should shed those extra pounds now. Before you go on a diet and live on biscuits and soup for the weeks to come as you take that diet pill, maybe it is worth learning how crash dieting [...]Read More

Irresistible Malaysian Hair Bundle Deals: How Much Hair Do You Need?

When you come across affordable Malaysian hair bundle deals from trusted sellers like Virgin Hair Fixx, it pays to know just how much hair you really need to buy to get those long locks you’ve always wanted. How hard could it be, right? As it turns out, a lot of ladies struggle to answer that question. You don’t want to [...]Read More

How to Protect Malaysian Hair Extensions from Sweat during Workout

So you’ve been planning to purchase some lustrous Malaysian hair for sale to amp up your crown, but you might also be thinking that its maintenance demands will keep you out of the gym. It may be true that sweat can increase your chances of having a bad hair day, but there are ways you can wear those extensions without letting [...]Read More

Malaysian Hair Weave Maintenance: Taking Care of the Itchy Scalp Issue

Wearing the best Malaysian hair weave calls for the best kind of hair maintenance regimen to extend its life and to protect the hair and scalp underneath. That might be a little hard when the summer heat is making your scalp sweat like crazy beneath the weave. This leads to an icky itching problem that could make you want [...]Read More

Wearing Quality Malaysian Lace Closure Can Be Good for Your Real Hair

Sometimes, your hair could use a break from the outside world yet you still want to be able to flaunt those long, luscious locks. That’s not impossible when you’re wearing a quality lace closure. Closures are special hair pieces made of hair units attached to lace, with the overall appearance resembling your real hair. This way, natural hair gets the vacation [...]Read More

Virgin Hair Extension Installation: Preparing for Your Appointment

Virgin hair extensions can truly make you look sexier with improved hair volume and added length, and they can be truly exciting when you’re getting them for the first time. So whether you’re having them installed for a one-time event or will wear it for months ‘till your hair reaches the length you desire, here are things you should [...]Read More

Five Ways You Can Help Your Remy Hair Extensions Beat the Summer Heat

Summer’s here and we all know what its’ oppressive heat can do to you your hair and Remy hair extensions. Tangled, dried and brittle hair should be the least of your worries during your summer escapades so make sure you’re well prepared for the summer heat. Follow these tips to keep your weaves in tip-top shape:   1.Start by investing in quality [...]Read More

Malaysian Hair Type: Suitable Extensions for African-American Women

Hair extensions have benefited not only those who aspire to have desired lengths, but also women who have suffered hair loss conditions or alopecia. While undergoing treatment, victims of alopecia may use enhancements to rest the scalp and remaining strands from harsh styling and allow the follicles in affected areas to develop. Improper installation, however, could escalate the damage and [...]Read More

Malaysian Hair Extensions: Most Suitable for Women with Healthy Scalp

Wearing extensions is a popular way for many women, celebrities included, to achieve their desired looks these days. Unfortunately, some women may not be well-suited to this practice, as they end up damaging their natural hair. Or, is that really the case?   Some hair professionals believe improper scalp care is actually the primary cause of damage in hair that has been subjected [...]Read More

How to Rock Long or Short Hairstyles with a Malaysian Hair Bundle Deal

Wearing weaves or extensions opens new possibilities to update your current look. Whether you’re aiming to add length or trying out a short hairstyle, you’ll certainly get your money’s worth with a quality  Malaysian hair bundle deal from companies like Virgin Hair Fixx. To help you with your style considerations, here are some tips to achieve some of the [...]Read More

Style and Protect Your Natural Hair Using Malaysian Hair Extensions

For many years, African American women have always felt the need to have their hair relaxed because their naturally kinky ‘fros could not receive as much societal acceptance as wavy and straight ‘dos. In fact, this has even become an issue in corporate America where donning one’s natural hair instead of the conventional style is seen as “unprofessional”. Workplace discrimination, [...]Read More

Virgin Hair Weave Care: Style and Hair Safety Have to Go Together

Virgin hair weaves are especially in demand to women who love changing their hair styles from time to time. These are the short-haired women’s go-to method for sporting instantly long, luscious locks. In addition to the styling benefits, weaves also serve well as protection to natural hair against harsh dyeing chemicals and damaging heat styling. As such, these have become [...]Read More

Post-Partum Hair Loss: These Hair Tips and Lace Closures Can Help

Pregnancy isn’t really one of the most enjoyable stages of life: limited movement, limited diet, limited work— everything is restricted. But if there’s one thing you can enjoy during pregnancy, it’s your hair. Thanks to pregnancy hormones, you get thicker and more lustrous hair while carrying your baby. However, this celebration might be short-lived. Months after you give birth, your hair [...]Read More

Ideas on Using Your Virgin Hair Extensions for the Half-and-Half Trend

First there was ombre and balayage, and then came pastel, gray or silver, and electric rainbow hair colors. More recently, the half-and-half or split-dye hair trend came to the fore, which literally means half of the head is dyed with a bold color, and the other half is dyed with another.The world of hairstyles has become captivated by bold [...]Read More

Coloring Your Remy Hair Extensions Pastel: Tips for latest Hair Trends

Everywhere you look, people are raving about pastel or rainbow hair colors. You see it on models on the runway, on celebrities on the cover of magazines and various red carpet or television appearances, and on the chicest bloggers and style icons the world over. You see soft, whimsical shades and bold or electric hues alike, and they all [...]Read More

Malaysian Hair Extensions, Chalk for Dramatic, No-Commitment Makeovers

When you’re tired of your daily routine or you’re expecting an upcoming major change in your life (a career change, a breakup, or a move to a new place, perhaps), you want your hair to keep up or change, too. Getting a new look through a hair makeover can give you confidence to face the next chapter of your [...]Read More

Add Length and Volume to Your Hair with Malaysian Hair Extensions

Generally speaking, women just love having long hair. Unfortunately, natural length isn’t something that’s available to all. If you feel that your hair could use a little “extending” but are unable to do so naturally, then worry not because there is an easy solution to your problem. Virgin Malaysian Hair to the Rescue You might have heard of virgin  Malaysian hair extensions that women [...]Read More

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