Virgin Hair Weave Care: Style and Hair Safety Have to Go Together

Virgin hair weaves are especially in demand to women who love changing their hair styles from time to time. These are the short-haired women’s go-to method for sporting instantly long, luscious locks. In addition to the styling benefits, weaves also serve well as protection to natural hair against harsh dyeing chemicals and damaging heat styling. As such, these have become a widely popular option throughout the country, donned by celebrities and ordinary people alike.

Lot of women love  Malaysian hair weave for its ability to blend well with their natural hair. It has a natural, healthy low luster, very different from the obviously artificial sheen of synthetic hair. Since it’s made of human hair, weave can be washed, conditioned and styled just like the natural hair. Additionally, virgin quality weaves, such as those offered by Virgin Hair Fixx, are much more durable; this is due mainly to their retained cuticles, layers of overlapping cells that protect and give the hair shaft its glow.

However, even high-quality  virgin hair weave cannot be maximized if it’s not properly fitted to the natural hair. Many women complain that their hair is pulled too tight during hair weave application, which can be very painful. Expert stylists advise women to have their weaves loosened up or even removed once they feel any discomfort as this can lead to traction alopecia.

Traction alopecia is an inflammatory condition that occurs when the hair is pulled tightly away from the scalp. The body senses this as an attack, sends inflammatory cells to the area affected and then tries to heal it through scarring. The scars prevent new hair growth and balding occurs as a result.

With professional application, weaves are perfectly safe to wear. Nevertheless, the natural hair still deserves a break. Weaves should only be worn for a couple of weeks, and the scalp should be left alone for another couple of weeks before refitting the weaves so that the hair can rest in its natural state. Overdoing weaves or wearing them over longer durations than the recommended periods can easily damage natural hair.

Weaves afford women their much-wanted styling versatility. At the same time, weaves help natural hair grow out healthily by shielding it from all the rigors of styling. With proper care, a woman can enjoy her lush new locks once the weaves are removed.


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