Bundle Deals

Save Money without Giving Up Quality with our Virgin Hair Bundle Deals

Have you decided that you want to invest in beautiful virgin human hair but are concerned about the price? Perhaps you wanted to spend less, but do not want to compromise the superior quality that virgin human hair delivers? If the low cost of synthetic hair is still appealing to you, look at our deals on Malaysian hair bundles. With our virgin hair bundle deals, you can buy 3-4 bundles at a time and save over one hundred dollars! We don’t believe in compromising fabulous for frugality, so we have created these bundles deals to suit virtually any budget. Our bundle deals come in every texture and a variety of lengths, allowing you to pick a bundle that will ultimately fit you.

Choose Your Texture

We offer our bundle deals in every texture including straight, wavy or curly. Our straight bundle deals are matched impeccably to create long, flowing locks that fall perfectly in a layered fashion. If you are looking for a sleek and chic style that complements every look, our straight bundle deal is the way to go.

If you desire a seductive wave with natural elegance, our wavy bundle is the optimal choice. The bundles are paired specifically for the waves to cascade down your back and curve with the contours of your face and shoulders. This will create an individual look just for you.

And if you are looking for bountiful ringlets of hair with dramatic volume, our curly bundle deal is the superior choice. This bundle deal will offer the most volume and the most versatility.

Benefit from Varying Lengths

At VirginHairFixx.com, our virgin Malaysian hair bundles come in a variety of different lengths, allowing you to choose from casual shoulder-length hair to dramatic waist-length hair. In addition to the varying lengths, the bundles are grouped together in sequential order. When installed, this gives the hair weave a more natural layered look, representing how the hair grows naturally from the scalp. By choosing one of the pre-matched bundle deals, it reduces the stress of choosing the correct lengths and simplifies the buying experience.

A Flawless Match

Because our virgin Remy hair is a natural product, texture and color may vary slightly between bundles, contingent on the donor. But when you invest in a bundle deal, our expert staff will carefully match the bundles so that the color and texture match as closely as possible. Natural variations between bundles are merely a result of different donors, but we eliminate that hassle by pre-matching the bundles for you. We are dedicated to our customers’ complete satisfaction and take the extra time to create unified bundle deals. Are you ready to shop for our Virgin Malaysian hair bundles? You can find all the varieties you want in our online shop, just take a look: http://www.virginhairfixx.com/shop/.