Malaysian Lace Closures

Our Malaysian Lace Closures are truly unnoticeable and appears as if the hair arises directly from your scalp. They are made at a length that appears natural and realistic. Many of our clients that wear sew in or bonded weaves, use our closures to cover the top area of the head, also known as the crown, where the weft or track is sewn down. The closures are used to cover the area that is known to many as the "Leave Out".

Ladies that are accustomed with wearing weaves know that the most important part of wearing weave is to make sure the area at the front of the hairline & crown area are well blended. We recommend you start your closure about one half inch back from the forehead. This in turn will make it a lot easier for blending and will give a full protective style. No one will ever assume that it is not your natural hair growing out of your scalp.

Pros of a Malaysian Lace Closures:

  • It will help your hair get a break, and grow out.
  • It cuts the weaving time in half.
  • The hair can be used for multiple occasions over and over.
  • Minimal shedding and no tangling.
  • Comes in all textures.
  • Lace base has versatile parting.

The hair we use for our closures have a realistic looking density, that will provide a believable appearance. Our closures are of medium density, which seamlessly blend in with your natural hair. This allows a natural look throughout your install. Whether you are growing out your relaxer, giving your hair a break, or simply trying a new texture or color, our closure piece is what you need. All closures come in 14”, 1b, 100% Malaysian Hair. We offer the best lace closures in Straight, Wavy, and a Curly texture.

Why: Closures are recommended because of its protective nature. Closures help cover the natural hair on the crown of the head so that none of the natural hair is exposed. The hair extensions cover the remainder of the natural hair so that the entire natural hair is protected and concealed. Because none of the natural hair is exposed you no longer have to worry about blending. 

There will be no issues blending because the best lace closures we at Virgin Hair Fixx provide matches that of all of the hair extensions that we supply as well. You will have versatility when styling because all of our closures are not pre-parted, as they do not have a part in them. This allows you to part the closure as you desire. 

Styling: The best way to care for our Lace Closures is to condition it after each install and let it air dry. Blow-drying it will decrease the life of its use, as applying to much heat is never a good remedy. We recommend that if you like a full look to use 3-4 packs of our Malaysian Hair. This is dependent on the lengths that you prefer to style with. The longer the lengths, the more bundles we advise.

To find out more about the quality and different varieties of our Malaysian lace closures, visit our online shop.