Buying and Using Your Malaysian Hair Bundles: What You Need to Know

If you are new to the world of hair extensions, or even if you have purchased them a couple of times, you should know that Malaysian hair is acknowledged as one of the highest-quality types of hair in the market. Malaysian hair bundle deals are readily available to those who are interested, and since this is some of the finest hair you [...]Read More

The Great Benefits of Shopping Online for Malaysian Hair Bundle Deals

If you're looking for hair extensions to enhance your beauty, then Malaysian bundles are a viable option. While you may have heard the terms "packs" and "bundles" in reference to hair extensions, you might not be aware of the difference between the two.Basically, packs are prepackaged and are generally what you get at beauty supply stores, whereas bundles are not packaged. [...]Read More

Malaysian Hair Extensions: Get Those Fantasy Hair Colors Without Fear

The beauty experts have spoken: for this coming fall, the trend in hairstyles will be fantasy colors. These mean soft pastel shades of lavender, pink, baby blue, and coral, as opposed to the hot and vibrant hues of the not-so-distant past. The good thing about this trend is that soft colors easily complement the skin, giving it a subtle glow. [...]Read More

Malaysian Hair Extensions and Weaves Can Add to Your Look and Style

Many people are aware of using weaves and hair extensions to provide themselves with whole new looks and styles, but they may not know about the benefits of Malaysian hair weaves and extensions specifically. With a variety of styles, lengths, and textures to choose from, Malaysian hair for sale used in weaves can make wearers feel brand-new. What makes Malaysian hair extensions so [...]Read More

The Virgin Hair Weave and the Significance of Hair in Many Cultures

People have worn weaves for thousands of years. The ancient Egyptians, for example, were believed to have worn hair pieces to accentuate their looks. During their time, men would shave and create wigs out of their hair to avoid getting lice and enjoy adequate protection from harsh desert weather. Between the 1700s and 1900s in Britain, hair extensions were [...]Read More

How to Select a Virgin or Malaysian Hair Weave of the Best Quality

Perfectly styled hair can have a dramatic impact on your look, which is why a gorgeous weave is a great option to consider. If you have tried other weaves in the past, however, you may have been disappointed by their poor quality. They may have frizzed, easily tangled, or even burdened with an unnatural look to them. To avoid [...]Read More

Lace Closures for Hair Weaves: Features Every Wearer Should Consider

The type of closure you choose for your hair weave or extension can radically alter your appearance. Generally speaking, most hair extensions use either a lace closure or a lace frontal. How these items are used, what they are made of, and how they are put together are the essential factors in how a hair piece looks good on [...]Read More

Lace Closure: Protecting Natural Hair from Glam Weaves, Extensions

A hair extension or weave is the perfect way to transform your tiresome hairstyle into a more glamorous look. Some weaves of the inferior variety look comparatively unnatural that it becomes clear to those looking a little more closely that you’ve got a weave tucked on. Other weaves may be so flawless and impressive that it can be difficult [...]Read More

Essential Qualities that Make Virgin Malaysian Hair Weaves Stand Out

The decision to invest in a high-quality hair weave is an easy one for many women to make. Weaves have the power to transform your hairstyle beautifully by giving you long, healthy, and gorgeous locks in no time. That being said, you will need to find the right hair weave based on your lifestyle needs.Not all hair strands are [...]Read More

Malaysian Virgin Extensions: Overview of Their Origins and Qualities

For those who are new to the world of hair extensions, the use of these products can be overwhelming. Not only can the actual process of getting the extensions be confusing, the hair extensions market itself is confusing to many. With industry-specific terms, products, and methods, finding the right extensions for you isn't always as easy as it might seem. [...]Read More

Why Some of the Best Hair Extensions Are Made of Virgin Remy Hair

If you've ever browsed the hair extension market, you probably noticed early on that there are numerous types of hair extensions. Hair extensions vary by source, color, type, and other specifications. One of the highest quality types of hair on the market, though, is Remy hair.  To be classified as Remy, hair must be gathered from the head of a [...]Read More

The Differences and Similarities of Remy and Virgin Malaysian Hair

If you have ever considered Malaysian hair extensions, the terms "virgin hair" and "Remy hair" are common terms, but do you know what they mean? In simple terms, hair that is categorized as Remy is human hair that is not stripped and has the cuticles intact. Virgin hair, on the other hand, is hair that has never been chemically treated or [...]Read More

Hair Extensions Basics: What You Need to Know About Virgin Remy Hair

When it comes to hair extensions, one word that’s often thrown around is “Remy”. The term “Remy” is used broadly by different people, making it very confusing for those with no professional knowledge on the subject. There exists, however, one accurate definition of Remy hair. Remy is not really a name of a specific product, but instead is a description of [...]Read More

Benefits of Malaysian Virgin Hair Extensions for Beauty Enhancement

There are numerous types of extensions on the market, but there are certainly plenty of benefits to using Malaysian virgin hair extensions. As its name aptly suggests, this type of hair comes from the Malaysian region. This type of hair is black in color, and it's typically straight, but it can easily be manipulated into other textures.  Strong Texture Perhaps one of the [...]Read More

Malaysian Hair: 100% Virgin Hair that’s Thick, Textured, and Soft.

If you're looking for a way to add thickness to your natural hair, then consider Malaysian hair extensions. Malaysian hair is coarse, textured, and thicker, and as they come as 100%Virgin hair, the hair is soft and of top quality—that is, each hair product extension that is 100% Virgin hair come from a single donor, and whose hair is sold without being [...]Read More

The 3 Principal Advantages of Choosing Malaysian Hair Extensions

All women want to have gorgeous, eye-catching hair, and one of the ways to do this is to make sure to wear virgin hair extensions. Specifically, hair extensions from Malaysia are ideal because they come with a number of benefits. Malaysian women are well known for their stunning locks, and this virgin hair will certainly not disappoint.There are many [...]Read More

Remy Hair Extensions: Their Application Methods and Positive Features

Hair extensions add volume and length to one’s hair through natural or artificial hair integrations—simply put, it means adding more hair to your thinning or short locks. Note that there are different ways to attach extensions to your natural hair.Ways to Apply Hair Extensions The easiest way to do this is by simply clipping on one of these extensions. Clip-in extensions [...]Read More

Look After Your Investment and Give Your Hair Extensions Some TLC

You won’t regret investing in high-quality hair extensions, especially if you get them from trusted suppliers like Virgin Hair Fixx. They will not only give you instant lustrous long hair that you can style any way you want; they will also protect your natural hair from the rigors of styling and hair treatments. To make your investment last as long as [...]Read More

Take a Look at Some of the Best Hair Extensions on the Market Today

Making the choice to apply extensions to your hair is usually an easy one, thanks to the many benefits that come along with them. Extensions can add volume and length to natural hair, and can add highlights or lowlights that make your hair look luminous and healthy. With so many extensions on the market, it can be well worth [...]Read More

Changing the Look of Your Hair via High-Quality Human Hair Extensions

There are others who have longer hair than you, but there is also an easy and effective way for you to get longer hair for a short time. Hair extensions allow you to have your desired length for a special event so that you can enjoy hair that you can style freely.  Benefits of Human Hair ExtensionsWhen you have extensions attached to [...]Read More

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