Benefits of Malaysian Virgin Hair Extensions for Beauty Enhancement

There are numerous types of extensions on the market, but there are certainly plenty of benefits to using Malaysian virgin hair extensions. As its name aptly suggests, this type of hair comes from the Malaysian region. This type of hair is black in color, and it's typically straight, but it can easily be manipulated into other textures. 

Strong Texture

Perhaps one of the most beneficial aspects about hair from Malaysia is that it is exceptionally strong. Thicker than other hair types, it holds curl very well and matches most women's hair textures. Additionally, the hair is extremely soft, silky and bouncy. Due to its thickness, people who are primarily concerned with volume tend to prefer this hair type.

Why Virgin?

Virgin hair is simply hair that has been taken from a single donor's scalp. This essentially means that the hair is all genetically the same and isn't a mixture of hair compiled from several different donors. Virgin hair is typically considered to be of high quality since all of the hair grew together and will naturally blend together well.

Additionally, virgin hair is not processed in any manner. It undergoes no chemical treatments. It is not straightened, permed, colored, dyed or bleached. Recipients receive the hair in its natural state. For virgin hair that is considered Remy, the cuticles remain intact and lie in the same direction, giving the hair a more natural appearance.

Caring for Virgin Hair from Malaysia

Virgin Malaysian hair can last a long time if it's properly cared for. Although you might harbor some concern at first because this type of hair can seem excessively shiny when you first get it, there is no need to worry because after two to three washes, the hair will resume its more natural appearance.

When styling this type of hair, there is no need to use any hair products, such as hairspray or hair oils. Curls, waves and other textures will hold in place without the addition of such products, and oils can make the hair appear shinier than it already is, which could give it a fake wig appearance. Due to the hair's thickness, it can appear dry if it's not properly moisturized. To prevent this, make sure you use enough moisture after your second reuse of the hair.

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(For hair extensions to last long one must go for extensions made with virgin hair,

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