The Differences and Similarities of Remy and Virgin Malaysian Hair

If you have ever considered Malaysian hair extensions, the terms "virgin hair" and "Remy hair" are common terms, but do you know what they mean? In simple terms, hair that is categorized as Remy is human hair that is not stripped and has the cuticles intact. Virgin hair, on the other hand, is hair that has never been chemically treated or colored. All hair strands that are considered Remy should technically be virgin hair, but not all virgin hairs are Remy. In most cases, what is called virgin Remy hair is the highest quality of hair used for extensions.

Remy Products Having the Distinction of Being the Best

One of the biggest distinctions for Remy extensions comes down to the cuticles. The cuticle of the hair is the outer part of the hair's shaft. With hair that has the distinction of being Remy, all of the cuticles are intact and they face the same direction, just as they do when they’re naturally positioned on the head. With non-Remy hair, there is no guarantee that the cuticles will all be facing the same way, which could make it look unnatural, fizzy and prone to tangling. With proper maintenance and care, there is no reason Remy products cannot last for a year or more.

Virgin Hair Versus Non-Virgin Hair

Since hair that is Remy is also virgin, it comes only in a couple of natural colors, such as dark brown or off black. Customers should keep this in mind. However, hair extensions can be colored and treated after the extensions have been placed. Non-virgin hair is offered for extensions and it is often used for those who want extensions that are curly, colored or waved. Since non-virgin Malaysian curly hair or wavy hair comes in different colors, this is a better choice for those who want something that doesn't look natural.

Sources of Remy Products

Remy hair for extensions, such as those used by Virgin Hair Fixx, are sourced from various places in the world, and the finest comes from Malaysia. Other sources of Remy extensions include Brazil, China, Peru and the United States, among others. Due to the quality of the hair, Remy products are usually more expensive than other extensions, but as with anything, you get what you pay for.


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