Buying and Using Your Malaysian Hair Bundles: What You Need to Know

If you are new to the world of hair extensions, or even if you have purchased them a couple of times, you should know that Malaysian hair is acknowledged as one of the highest-quality types of hair in the market. Malaysian hair bundle deals are readily available to those who are interested, and since this is some of the finest hair you can buy, you can be sure that it will look magnificent once styled properly.

Malaysian hair is a highly sought-after variant because it is silky and less prone to tangles, possessing above-average strength and the ideal thickness. For buyers interested in Malaysian hair bundles, there are a few facts you need to keep in mind.

Availability in Bulk

As you might have noticed, hair extensions are sold in bundles. Though you may think you only need one bundle for each time you extend your hair, this isn't necessarily true. What most experts recommend is two to three bundles of hair for a full sew-in extension.

However, since the hair comes in different lengths, this only holds true if the hair is under 16 inches. For bundles that are over 16 inches, experts recommend three to four bundles of hair, as the longer the hair, the shorter the weft. If you want to ensure a lot of volume, it is recommended to buy three to four bundles. If you only want a partial weave or extension, one or two bundles should suffice. Since some hair is sold by the ounce, this is the equivalent of 8 to 10 inches.

Expert Installation

Once you buy your bundles, you will have to take them to a salon to have them attached. There are a number of techniques used to install the extensions, but the most common methods are sew-in attachments and bonding. For a sew-in extension, a person's hair must be about three inches in length. For bonded extensions, on the other hand, there is no limit to the length.

Quality and Longevity

Depending on the person, the weave, and the use, most hair extensions can last from around two months to four months. An established provider of premium extensions such as Virgin Hair Fixx can ensure that you’ll get only products of the highest quality.


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