Malaysian Hair: 100% Virgin Hair that’s Thick, Textured, and Soft.

If you're looking for a way to add thickness to your natural hair, then consider Malaysian hair extensions. Malaysian hair is coarse, textured, and thicker, and as they come as 100%Virgin hair, the hair is soft and of top quality—that is, each hair product extension that is 100% Virgin hair come from a single donor, and whose hair is sold without being processed or enhanced chemically. The extensions are also usually sold in wide bundles to provide better coverage. 

As the name suggests, Malaysian hair is collected from women in Malaysia. Although most of Malaysian hair extension products are darker, they can also come in lighter shades. As the product is naturally human hair, it can be dyed and cared for like your natural hair.

The hair is usually straight, but it's easy to curl it with a curling iron or other methods. As Malaysian hair has thicker texture, the extension is ideal for those with thinner hair and need to add volume to it. Malaysian wavy hair is an option; it's not curly, but it does have gentle waves that give a little more volume than straight hair. This type of hair holds curls well.

Beautiful hair extensions are especially sought out and worn during special occasions like a wedding. Some extensions are designed where you can slip on the beautiful locks for moments like picture-taking, and then, when done, choose to remove the hair in favor of your natural hair for convenience. Hair extensions are also popularly used by women going to their proms. The hair has a natural shine and is silky to the touch, perfect for a party prom night. Malaysian hair is traditionally favored by naturally dark-haired women.

Hair extensions definitely need attention and care, but it's actually just like taking care of your natural hair. You would also need to use a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner to get the natural oils to the strands. After the hair is washed a few times, the hair will assume a more natural texture and shine, instead of its original brilliant sheen when the hair was first obtained. You can get dark brown or off-black hair extensions from reputable online hair and beauty stores like Virgin Hair Fixx.


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