Malaysian Virgin Extensions: Overview of Their Origins and Qualities

For those who are new to the world of hair extensions, the use of these products can be overwhelming. Not only can the actual process of getting the extensions be confusing, the hair extensions market itself is confusing to many. With industry-specific terms, products, and methods, finding the right extensions for you isn't always as easy as it might seem. Since this is the case, learning about one of the best types of hair extensions can help you make a better choice.

Malaysian Hair Extensions Are Some of the Best On the Market

Malaysian hair extensions are one type of extension, and they are, as the name implies, sourced from Malaysia. Malaysia is located in Southeast Asia, and is bordered by Singapore, Thailand, the Philippines, and Vietnam. This hair extension type stands out from the crowd due to the way it is acquired and bundled wherein all of the cuticles run in the same direction, so it is virtually tangle-free and composed of only the finest human hair.

Characteristics of Malaysian Hair

There are a number of reasons why people love Malaysian hair, and in some cases, it is due to its distinction of being classified as “virgin hair”. Virgin means that this hair has never been chemically processed or colored. Naturally, these virgin hair extensions come in shades from dark brown to near black, and are available in straight, wavy, or curly varieties. Malaysian hair is dense, heavy, and thick, yet silky and soft. When dry, Malaysian hair typically takes on a slight wave and it has an eye-catching sheen, but it can easily be straightened. Since this hair is all natural, it does not come with color, but color can be eventually added to enhance the look of the hair.

Using Malaysian Hair

Although anyone can use Malaysian virgin hair extensions, it is ideal for African American hair as it blends with this hair type well. It is excellent for hair that is naturally curly or wavy, and it can add body and length. The only consideration that people usually have with Malaysian hair is that it is only available in darker colors. Malaysian hair is relatively new to the extensions market, but due to its high-quality and gorgeous reputation, more and more ladies are falling in love with it. Maybe you will, too!


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