Malaysian Hair Bundles Let You Achieve these Chic Autumn Hairstyles

As the summer season comes to a close, autumn is another perfect opportunity for you to give yourself a whole new look. Of course, what better way to achieve this than to try out a newer, bolder, and trendier hairstyle? Start the fall season by trying out any of these beautiful hairstyles that are already being worn by Hollywood celebrities. Lobs Long [...]Read More

Some of the Basic Dos and Don’ts of Wearing Malaysian Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are great in transforming your tresses in an instant, giving you freedom to style your hair in lots of ways without worrying about damaging your natural locks, if at all. Wearing them, however, can be a little tricky. You also need to consider how you’ll wear these extensions without subjecting them to early wear and tear. Learn more [...]Read More

Rainy Day Hairstyles You Can Try At Home with a Virgin Hair Weave

For most women, rainy days are a total bummer. Not only will their hair turn frizzy and strands stick to the back of their necks or foreheads, they’ll also be left with no option but to go for a boring bun or ponytail. Why not brighten up your rainy days and try these other rainy day hairstyles that can [...]Read More

Lace Closure Makes Hair Extensions Look More Real and Easier to Style

Hair extensions provide a lot of benefits that many women now choose to wear them regularly. In using hair extensions, you should also seriously look into closures. Closures can make your hair extensions look even more natural, and give further protection for your natural hair. Many women resort to dyeing their leave-outs (natural hair that’s still visible along with the [...]Read More

Buying Virgin Hair Extensions: What You Need to Know About the Choices

Long hair can be styled in many ways to enhance your looks. The problem with this is that growing and maintaining long hair can take a lot of effort. Fortunately, hair extensions provide a convenient solution. With the right hair extensions, you can turn your crowning glory from ordinary to sexy. Not all hair extensions are made equal, however. If [...]Read More

New Look: Remy Hair Extensions Let You Get Creative with Your Hair

A lot of women would like to have trendy and lovely hairstyles. The trouble is that to copy some of the popular styles, you’ll need a lot of hair and not everyone has the time to grow long hair or has the luck of having manageable tresses. Fortunately, online shops like Virgin Hair Fixx offer a solution to this dilemma: [...]Read More

How to Achieve a Smooth Malaysian Straight Hair without Heat Damages?

The lustrous, smooth Malaysian straight hair is often a source of envy for those who are naturally born with wild curly hair, and spend hours every day straightening their locks. Repeated use of hot irons to straighten the hair, however, often causes extensive damage. When repeatedly straightened out, hair could become dry, frizzy, and more prone to breakage. For this [...]Read More

Styling Hair Extensions: How to Achieve Gorgeous Curls and Styles

Some people who wear hair extensions are wary of styling them, fearing that they might damage the strands. In general, hair extensions are just like your natural hair—they can be washed, dyed, brushed, curled, and even heated. You need to be careful, however, of the type of hair extensions that you use. Synthetic hair is not ideal for heating due to [...]Read More

Malaysian Hair Bundles Can Help You Achieve the Popular “Bronde” Look

She’s neither blonde nor brunette—she’s bronde! Unlike the previous years, this summer’s hottest hair color trend doesn’t involve bright or neon splashes, but rather a rich yet totally wearable hue known as the “bronde”. You may be familiar with this summer trend, for celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Blake Lively, and Miranda Kerr have been spotted rocking this hair color on [...]Read More

Malaysian Hair Extensions: A Choice Weave for a Hairstyle That Lasts

A new hairstyle can be liberating. Especially if you’ve been wearing that old one for so long, changing the way your hair looks can do as much as even give you a fresh outlook in life! However, there are times when after the change, a woman will immediately begin longing for a revert to the previous style, or prefer another [...]Read More

Properly Wearing a Virgin Hair Weave Can Help You Grow Out Your Hair

Women seem to be divided on the effectiveness of hair weaves to grow their hair out—some praise hair weaves for helping them grow their hair to longer and fuller lengths, while others swear that these only made their hair thin and damaged. Believe it or not, both perceptions are valid. Unfortunately for the latter, it means that they were [...]Read More

Lace Closures: What Makes Them the Ideal Hair Extensions For You?

Clip-ins and tape-ins are some of the more popular hair extension varieties in the market. However, these remain best for brief use only. Wearing them for longer makes your natural hair prone to breakage.   The most preferred extension types right now, which are considered safer and more efficient than those mentioned, are sew-ins and lace closures. Between the two however, the latter [...]Read More

Virgin Hair: From Selection to Maintenance, What You Need to Know

Nowadays, wearing hair extensions is all the rage. Once considered a luxury privy to only a select few, glamorous hair extensions are now made more affordable and accessible to those who want the best looking hair for themselves. If you’re planning to purchase hair extensions to improve your ‘do, here’s what you need to know about these awesome products widely [...]Read More

Malaysian Virgin Remy Hair: How to Ensure Quality and Authenticity

When buying hair extensions, you can never go wrong with virgin Remy hair products. Coming from a single donor, the cuticles of this type of hair extension are preserved and not stripped, facing the same direction from root to end. They have also never been processed in any way, neither dyed nor bleached. This maintains the hair’s natural, soft texture, making [...]Read More

Malaysian Hair? New Color? If Your ‘Do Is Old, Here’s How to Change It

As the old adage goes, change is constant—and those words ring true for your hairstyle as well. Whether you’ve rocked the same hairstyle for years or even a day, various reasons which may pop up can make you want to change it. Maybe you’ve grown tired of pulling your hair back every day. Or maybe your current hair is [...]Read More

Hair Care: Prevent Your Hair Extensions from Getting All Tangled Up

When you need longer hair and you don’t have time to wait for your tresses to grow, the better variety of natural hair extensions offer a good alternative without ever having to chemically alter your natural hair. These natural extensions come in different colors and textures, as well. They are, however, not heaven-sent all-in-one solutions immune to getting tangled. When [...]Read More

Turn Your Hair Volume Up With Quality Malaysian Hair Bundle Deals

Don’t let the name fool you, hair extensions can do more than extend the length of your hair. Not everyone is blessed with thick, luxurious hair. The texture might make it look thick, but when you go straight, it’s going to appear a whole lot thinner. Summer’s not the time to run around with limp [...]Read More

Buying Malaysian Hair for Sale: Styling Tips for the Active Ladies

Summer is the best time for you to keep an active lifestyle. You may be on break from school or a vacation from work and now might be the only time for you to truly focus on sweating out those extra calories from stress eating. There’s just one problem: you’re wearing hair extensions and they’re [...]Read More

3 Super Fun and Fabulous Style Ideas for Your Curly Virgin Hair Weave

A virgin hair weave can certainly make any hairstyle more fantastic. The extra volume and length, plus the lustrous quality of human hair extensions can turn any drab hair day into a spectacular one where you’re bound to turn a few heads. You can play around with various styles and wear your gorgeous locks on any [...]Read More

Wearing a Lace Closure as a Protective Hairstyle: Benefits and Tips

Some hair textures can be challenging to style. You have to spend a lot of time and effort in conditioning your hair, occasionally removing tangles and frizz and maintaining strong and luscious strands. You also want to limit hair damage as much as possible, especially if you’re rocking bouncy curls or afro textured hair. If you [...]Read More

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