Virgin Hair: From Selection to Maintenance, What You Need to Know

Nowadays, wearing hair extensions is all the rage. Once considered a luxury privy to only a select few, glamorous hair extensions are now made more affordable and accessible to those who want the best looking hair for themselves. If you’re planning to purchase hair extensions to improve your ‘do, here’s what you need to know about these awesome products widely used and loved the world over.


Extensions protect your natural hair

Hair extensions can do more than just make your hair look longer and fuller. Protective types, like the sew-in models, allow your natural hair to grow stronger, healthier, and longer. They can also protect your hair from chemical damage. When you’re outdoors, hair extensions receive the brunt of the sun and other pollutants instead of your original strands.

Choosing hair extensions

Always aim for quality virgin hair when investing in these products. Virgin hair is termed as such because it’s 100 percent human hair, never been permed, bleached or colored, have all its cuticle layers intact and facing the same direction, comes from only one donor, and was cut off at the same time. Think of your natural hair being pampered and well-cared for, never undergoing any procedure that can harm it—that’s basically what virgin hair is.

Simply put, if you want to purchase high quality hair extensions, you can never go wrong with virgin hair.

Proper care for your extensions

Before putting them on, it’s important to wash your hair extensions to remove any dust or dirt that may have accumulated during delivery or storage. You definitely don’t want these to carry over to your scalp. Since you purchased authentic human hair, you may shampoo the weave similar to how you do yours and comb and style it afterwards.

As a cautionary measure, don’t leave them attached to your hair for over eight weeks because this will deprive your scalp the rest it needs. Otherwise, you leave your natural hair prone to breakage. In addition, be judicious with your use of heating hair equipment like curling irons and blow dryers to prevent embrittlement.

Where to find quality virgin hair extensions

For the best quality virgin hair extensions, you can never go wrong with long-trusted shops like Virgin Hair Fixx.


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