Wearing a Lace Closure as a Protective Hairstyle: Benefits and Tips

Some hair textures can be challenging to style. You have to spend a lot of time and effort in conditioning your hair, occasionally removing tangles and frizz and maintaining strong and luscious strands. You also want to limit hair damage as much as possible, especially if you’re rocking bouncy curls or afro textured hair.

If you want to effectively care for your hair, you have to master the art of protective hairstyles. There are some ways to wear or cover your natural hair to keep it protected from natural elements—like the heat and humidity you’re bound to encounter frequently these days—that can wear your locks down and mess up their appearance.

The most common protective styles used today include coifs, crown braids and strand twists. These effectively maintain the curls of afro textured hair. Head wraps and hats can also be used, especially to protect your mane against the intense heat and UV rays of the sun. These styles were previously only worn with street style outfits, but at present, they can be part of more elegant attires.

Another common protective style used is the weave. By having your natural hair plaited and tucked under gorgeous hair extensions, you are able to protect it while enjoying various chic hairstyles. Aside from the usual sew-in weaves, you can purchase a lace closure.

What are lace closures, and why would you use them?

When you constantly wear a weave as a protective style, the hair extension bundles need to be meticulously attached to your natural hair. Lace closures make the process easier and quicker, since the head piece would only be attached to the perimeter of your head (e.g. not sewn into every cornrow or glued to natural strands).

Essentially, you can enjoy the extra length and volume with less stress to your natural hair. These hair pieces also come in the various textures of conventional hair extensions (straight, curly or wavy), so you can choose the texture that suits you best.

Since the weave closure covers your head, you don’t have to style your hair with heat or dyes to blend them with the extensions. Of course, you need to make sure that a professional stylist applies them, so they are blended seamlessly and attached securely. Likewise, only purchase the best lace closures, such as those offered by Virgin Hair Fixx. These have lightened knots and lace that appear like your scalp, so you get more natural-looking results.


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