Properly Wearing a Virgin Hair Weave Can Help You Grow Out Your Hair

Women seem to be divided on the effectiveness of hair weaves to grow their hair out—some praise hair weaves for helping them grow their hair to longer and fuller lengths, while others swear that these only made their hair thin and damaged. Believe it or not, both perceptions are valid. Unfortunately for the latter, it means that they were wearing their hair weaves the wrong way.


To ensure optimal use, you need to make sure that your virgin hair weave is properly installed. This will not only to give you the freedom to try new hairstyles without damaging your natural hair, but also give your tresses the respite they need from everyday stresses. Consider these tips on proper hair weave installation:

Don’t Braid Too Tightly

It’s only natural to ensure that the braids that secure your weave are tight enough to keep them from falling, but don’t overdo it to avoid untoward hair loss. Though the area where your weaves first meet your scalp must be secure, this should not be pulled taut, for it damages the follicles and may even lead to traction alopecia, a kind of hair loss often associated with tight hairstyles.

Avoid Glued-In Extensions

Most women are attracted to glued-in extensions because they allow weaves to be attached closer to the scalp, which makes the weaves look very natural. However, glue has the tendency to rip out your natural hair if you’re not careful. Should you opt for glue, make sure it’s only for an extremely short-term basis, like for special occasions, and have them applied and removed only by an experienced stylist.

Nourish Your Natural Hair

Though you might be wearing weaves, this doesn’t mean that you can forget about caring for your natural hair altogether. Nourish it the way you nourish your weaves, using only the gentlest of hair products, and avoid harsh sulfates that are often found in shampoos. Apply vitamins, like Vitamins A, E, and B Complex, to promote hair growth.

Don’t Wear Them Too Long

Stylists generally recommend wearing hair weaves for no longer than three months, lesser if your hair tends to grow thicker and faster. Wearing them for longer than the recommended time may result in tangling, matting, and breakage of your natural hair.

Follow these helpful expert tips to make your hair grow stronger and longer. In addition, make sure to get yourself a high quality Malaysian hair weave from companies like Virgin Hair Fixx for better effect.


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