Hair Care: Prevent Your Hair Extensions from Getting All Tangled Up

When you need longer hair and you don’t have time to wait for your tresses to grow, the better variety of natural hair extensions offer a good alternative without ever having to chemically alter your natural hair. These natural extensions come in different colors and textures, as well. They are, however, not heaven-sent all-in-one solutions immune to getting tangled. When they do tangle, it can cause itching that’ll be troublesome to deal with. Here are a few tips to minimize getting your extensions all tangled up.


Brush, Brush, Brush!

Perhaps the most important tip on this list is brushing. Brushing your locks regularly prevents tangling, and, ideally, you should do so about 2-3 times a day. Brushing is vital since the typical hair can lose its natural oils from the scalp—oils that specifically prevent dryness and tangling— and brushing your hair redistributes the oil in the scalp. Choose a brush with softer bristles that runs well on hair extensions to prevent shedding. Brush your extensions, gently, especially around the ends to avoid strand breakage.

Keep Them Clean

Hair extensions need cleaning, too. You must keep your hair as clean as possible, washing them at least once a week using warm water and a mild or sulfate-free shampoo which doesn’t cause dryness. If you’re already seeing some tangles, use a typical conditioner with a wide-toothed comb to sort them out. Avoiding conditioners with huge amounts of silicone is also highly recommended.

Use the Right Hair Care Products

Hair care products vary a lot, which can make choosing the right ones difficult. Make it easier on yourself: Just look out for one specific quality—that the hair product be explicitly hair extension-friendly. Sulfate-free shampoos are one of your best bets, along with products which contain huge amounts of moisture to keep hair extensions silky-smooth.

Keep the Hair Out Of Heat and Chemicals

Profound chemical and heat exposure is not good for your natural hair, so why expose your delicate extensions to them? Chemical processes like dyeing may be viable for extensions, but over time, they can dry the hair out. The same thing goes with hair spray, so if you want your hair looking sublime and tangle-free, avoid these processes as much as you can.

Furthermore, you can expect your hair extensions to last longer if you choose only Virgin Remy hair extensions, which is the higher-end of quality hair extensions, and can be sourced from reliable dealers of premium hair weaves and Remy hair products, such as Virgin Hair Fixx.


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