Buying Malaysian Hair for Sale: Styling Tips for the Active Ladies

Summer is the best time for you to keep an active lifestyle. You may be on break from school or a vacation from work and now might be the only time for you to truly focus on sweating out those extra calories from stress eating. There’s just one problem: you’re wearing hair extensions and they’re made of quality Malaysian hair for sale too. Now, you might have heard it said that working out plus wearing hair extensions is a recipe for disaster. That’s not true; you can still go and work up a sweat with no issue if you style your extensions just right. Here are a few functional and chic styling tips for you active ladies out there:

Braid It

Braids might take a long time to do but they’re worth it and cute to boot. Besides, every girl has already learned how to braid her hair at a young age so you’re probably used to it by now. Braiding up your hair keeps your extensions out of your face and away from trickling sweat. You can either do a classic large braid if you’re aiming for simplicity or an intricate French braid with some layers if you’re not in a hurry.

Ponytails Up

If you don’t have the time or you’re simply just saving your energy for the gym, you can always just go for a classic pony tail. It’s a timeless look and a very functional updo for the active woman. The higher you go with a ponytail, the better it would be for your workout. All you need is a scrunchie to tie up your hair. Be careful with your extensions though as doing this will pull on them. Finish off with some strong hold gel or your favorite hair spray to tie in the look.

Put It in a Bun

Buns are so hot right now that even men are growing their hair out to get in on it! It’s kind of like a ponytail really, only your hair is not dangling about freely, which makes it a great style to sport at the gym. To start, gather your hair up at the back of your head and tie it up into a ponytail. Wrap the ends around until you get a classic bun and then put some hair pins on to secure it in place.

As it turns out, it is possible to be stylish and sporty at the same time so what are you waiting for? Buy quality Malaysian hair extensions from dealers like Virgin Hair Fixx.


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