Styling Hair Extensions: How to Achieve Gorgeous Curls and Styles

Some people who wear hair extensions are wary of styling them, fearing that they might damage the strands. In general, hair extensions are just like your natural hair—they can be washed, dyed, brushed, curled, and even heated. You need to be careful, however, of the type of hair extensions that you use.

Synthetic hair is not ideal for heating due to the possibility of burning or even melting it; for a more natural result, the best option will always be virgin  hair extensions like those provided by Virgin Hair Fixx. Virgin hair is often referred to as the best hair because it has never been processed or treated, and therefore better in terms of quality. A good example of this would be virgin Malaysian hair, which are extensions that are known for being easy to style, very healthy, and natural-looking.

The easiest way to get long, curly hair is by purchasing  curly hair extensions. Just like other extensions, these can be straightened or dyed later on if you wish for a change in hairstyle. A curling iron can also be used to curl straight extensions, here are some curl styles to try:

  • Simple Curl – Starting from the middle or top of the hair, you can use a curling iron until you reach the ends. This is the simplest and one of the most effective methods for achieving a balanced and consistent curl on the hair.
  • Flat Waves – To achieve this look you can use a flat iron on the hair, twist it and hold it in place, then release. This type of styling will give you control on where you want the curls to be, and is generally easy to do.
  • Volume and Curl – Using an iron wand, you will need to loop your hair flat around the wand and wait until the heat penetrates your hair enough. This will result in curls with lots of volume and stays in shape for longer.
  • Twist and Curl – Twist the hair with your fingers then loop it around an iron wand, after that, release gently as you pull apart the hair strands to achieve a fuzzier version of ‘volume and curl’. This is perfect for those women whose natural hair is already a bit frizzy, but wishes to add more voluminous curls at the ends.
  • Waves – A perfect wave can be achieved by using a 3-prong iron to leave light and small curves that resemble waves.

You can also use hair products that help fight fizziness and moisturizes at the same time, so you can keep your gorgeous locks healthy and intact.


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