Lace Closure Makes Hair Extensions Look More Real and Easier to Style

Hair extensions provide a lot of benefits that many women now choose to wear them regularly. In using hair extensions, you should also seriously look into closures. Closures can make your hair extensions look even more natural, and give further protection for your natural hair. Many women resort to dyeing their leave-outs (natural hair that’s still visible along with the extensions) to make them blend better with their extensions. Leave-outs are also exposed to the same styling elements that the hair extensions are subjected to. These cause them to become dry and brittle, compared to the rest of the natural hair. This is where closures come in.

Why a Closure?

A closure is a hair piece that has hair extensions attached to a mesh typically made of silk or lace. Lace closure is more popular than silk because it offers a more natural finish. The mesh is attached to a base of cornrowed hair, then secured on the sides using glue, tape, or a sewn-in headband. It is attached to the top of the head, essentially doing away with the need for leave-outs and protecting all your hair.

The best lace closures from trusted providers like Virgin Hair Fixx come in a wide variety of textures. If you’re worried about ending up with mismatched hair, this should allay your worries. Furthermore, since the mesh covers up your own hair, you can actually experiment with various textures without fear of the damaging effects of styling. For example, if you’ve got curly hair, you may want to try out silky straight hair for a time, using hair extensions and closures.

Closures require very little maintenance. You would need to have your own hair and scalp cleaned every two weeks to keep them healthy. As for the closure itself, it will require the same kind of care that you give your hair extensions. Additionally, it will help to wrap your hair up before you go to sleep.

Don’t worry about your closures looking unnatural. First of all, you can easily style or treat them to blend well with your extensions. Second, the lace or silk base of closures is designed to look like natural scalp, which allows you to part the hair anywhere you want.

Hair extensions have proven to be the solution to many women’s hair styling problems. When worn with closures, the effects are enhanced, making the experience even more pleasant.


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