Malaysian Hair Bundles Can Help You Achieve the Popular “Bronde” Look

She’s neither blonde nor brunette—she’s bronde! Unlike the previous years, this summer’s hottest hair color trend doesn’t involve bright or neon splashes, but rather a rich yet totally wearable hue known as the “bronde”. You may be familiar with this summer trend, for celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Blake Lively, and Miranda Kerr have been spotted rocking this hair color on the red carpet.


Those wanting a lighter shade for their hair without going full blonde can greatly benefit from coloring their hair bronde, a beautiful combination of light and dark hues that can perfectly compliment any woman regardless of skin tone. There are lots of ways to achieve the bronde look, but a rich blend of brown and subtle blonde highlights will give you the golden, honey-toned hair you’re looking for.

If you’re worried about damaging your hair, a little help from Malaysian hair bundles will allow you to color your hair to your heart’s delight while keeping your natural hair protected from chemicals at the same time.

Opt for a Bespoke Bronde

To make bronde work for you, opt for a personalized and bespoke color that will perfectly compliment your face or skin tone. As a rule, opt for a shade that’s two or three degrees lighter than your skin.

Practice the Technique at Home

Perhaps the most important tip you can get to achieve the perfect bronde is to first try painting on some hairpieces. Make sure that the lighter color is softer near the middle and thickens toward the ends. Remember not to put too much of a contrast between the roots and the highlighted ends, or your hair will end up looking more like a dip-dye than a shade of bronde.

Maintain your Bronde

After coloring your hair, taking care of them is the next best way to ensure your hair will keep its rich hue for a long time. Though bronde is a low-commitment color and the perfect shade for those concerned with the condition of their hair, remember to use only color-safe shampoo, as these prevent the color from fading too fast.

Bronde is definitely the “in” hair shade that everyone—from celebrities to ordinary women—is absolutely fawning over. You can get great Malaysian hair bundle deals from companies like Virgin Hair Fixx and get yourself a high quality weave you need to dye your hair bronde, for less.


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