Lace Closures: What Makes Them the Ideal Hair Extensions For You?

Clip-ins and tape-ins are some of the more popular hair extension varieties in the market. However, these remain best for brief use only. Wearing them for longer makes your natural hair prone to breakage.


The most preferred extension types right now, which are considered safer and more efficient than those mentioned, are sew-ins and lace closures. Between the two however, the latter provides the most protection for your strands and scalp. Similar to a wig, this type of extension serves as a covering or cap to your hair when installed, giving it the much-needed respite from hair products, harmful elements, and stress.

How lace closures work

Lace closures contain a net that resembles your crown, made of either silk or lace, with knitted individual threads of virgin hair. Putting on a top closure is easy—you simply attach it around your hairline after braiding your own locks into neat cornrows. In this way, the enhancement appears more natural compared to other artificial integrations and most people won’t even notice the difference.

Beside the aesthetic appeal, the primary benefit of closures is the utmost protection they offer your tresses. On top of that, a lace closure with authentic virgin hair may be processed in any way, either perm, dyed or relaxed, to achieve different looks.

In addition, color blending may be a problem with other hair extension types, but not with lace closures. With these, you dye the closures with the weave, so you won’t have to worry about color blending ever again.

Proper installation procedures

To prevent damage to your own tresses, never use glue or tape when attaching a lace closure onto your crown because these increase the chances of your natural hair getting torn when you take your extensions out. The most popular method is to sew a headband to the closure and strap it down.

To elaborate, cut out a headband to match your head’s entire circumference, then sew each end of the band to the opposite sides of the closure. Next, lie the closure flat, then tie the band in the back of your head. Voila, you now have a lace enclosure that stays secure but won’t hurt your natural hair to the point of damage.

Quality lace closures for you

To ensure quality, it’s important to buy your lace closures only from renowned suppliers like Virgin Hair Fixx. They offer authentic virgin Remy hair of various types, which you can order from their online store.


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