Malaysian Virgin Remy Hair: How to Ensure Quality and Authenticity

When buying hair extensions, you can never go wrong with virgin Remy hair products. Coming from a single donor, the cuticles of this type of hair extension are preserved and not stripped, facing the same direction from root to end. They have also never been processed in any way, neither dyed nor bleached. This maintains the hair’s natural, soft texture, making it a perfect match for virtually any type of hair.


Virgin hair is also strong enough to accommodate different hair extension application methods, including sew-in, clip-in, and fusion. Along with the look and feel of your natural hair, Virgin Remy hair can also handle any styling, with results that last for months.

Among the many virgin hair options in the market, Malaysian hair weave is currently one of the more popular ones, capturing the attention, desire, and imagination of many black-haired women for its sleek appearance, lightweight density, and outright elegance. To ensure the Malaysian hair weave you buy is of topnotch quality and authenticity, consider these tips:

Is it real?

There are unscrupulous hair sellers out there who will tell you their products are human hair, when in fact, they’re not. One way to test if a hair weave is human or synthetic is to pick a strand and burn it with a lighter. It’ll burn if it’s human hair—it’ll melt if it’s synthetic.

What makes it Malaysian?

There are many different hair extensions from various regions that are labeled Malaysian. More than the country of origin, the label Malaysian actually refers to a hair weave’s color and texture. Malaysian hair is generally a nice dark brown color, and is very strong, with the ability to hold curls extremely well.

Ways to wear Malaysian hair weave

Hair weaves can either be sewn or netted. In a sew-in weave, a person’s real hair is cornrowed and the hair extension is attached to the braids using a weaving thread. The process is similar with the net weave, only that the wefted hair is sewn onto the net instead of the real hair. Use the sew-in method if you want hair that can withstand heavy styling, manipulation, and the environment. Use the net weave if you want hair extensions that place less tension and stress on real hair and are faster to remove.

Where to buy quality Malaysian hair weave

Purchase your Malaysian hair weave only from trusted Remy hair sellers like Virgin Hair Fixx to ensure the quality and authenticity of your product.


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