Remy Hair Extensions: Their Application Methods and Positive Features

Hair extensions add volume and length to one’s hair through natural or artificial hair integrations—simply put, it means adding more hair to your thinning or short locks. Note that there are different ways to attach extensions to your natural hair.

Ways to Apply Hair Extensions

The easiest way to do this is by simply clipping on one of these extensions. Clip-in extensions can be very effective and versatile while being easy to add in and remove compared to other methods. On the other hand, there are some methods that use a form of glue as a bonding agent.

One of the most natural-looking extensions on the market, however, are put in place through a process called fusion where individual strands of hair are glued together. Unfortunately, this is also a very time-consuming method. Other techniques include netting, micro loops, tracking, and lace fronts.

After your extensions are completely attached and you get the look you’ve always wanted, remember to ask your stylist about his or her shampoo and conditioner recommendations. Moreover, learn the best ways to style and maintain the beauty of your new tresses.

What are Remy Hair Extensions?

Extensions come in either natural human hair or artificial hair types. Natural human hair is obviously of a higher quality and more sought after than artificial hair, but within the area of natural extensions, there are varying degrees of quality. At the top of that hierarchy sits Remy extensions. These extensions are made of natural human hair, but they are collected and processed in a unique and very specific way.

When the hair is collected for these high-quality extensions, they are kept aligned in the direction of how they naturally grew. This keeps the cuticles intact and maintains the hair’s fine texture and shine. All hair must be processed before being made into extensions, but Remy hair extensions are very lightly processed and are gently handled. All of these add to the natural beauty present in Remy extensions. The downside is that Remy hair is in somewhat short supply due to such great demand. This does tend to raise the price a little, but the quality is unbeatable. Between traditional extensions and Remy hair extensions, there is no real comparison. Remy always wins due to the high-quality, long-lasting natural beauty it provides.


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