How to Select a Virgin or Malaysian Hair Weave of the Best Quality

Perfectly styled hair can have a dramatic impact on your look, which is why a gorgeous weave is a great option to consider. If you have tried other weaves in the past, however, you may have been disappointed by their poor quality. They may have frizzed, easily tangled, or even burdened with an unnatural look to them. To avoid any disappointment, here’s how you can find a quality Malaysian hair weave

Look for a Guarantee

Before you buy a hair weave or any other type of weave, carefully review the manufacturer's or retailer's warranty or guarantee. No weave will last forever, and you should expect to replace the weave periodically. All the same, you also want to get your money's worth from your purchase and ensure that you do look good with the weave in place. A guarantee can give you some peace of mind that the manufacturer or retailer will put their name behind the quality of the product that you are purchasing.

Choose Unprocessed Hair

While your stylist may process the hair when tailoring the weave to meet your needs, the actual weave should ideally consist entirely of natural hair. This may mean that it is not colored, treated, or even steamed. Ideally, it will be cut from the hair donor's head, washed, and bundled before being sold to you. Any additional processing could damage the hair and ultimately reduce its quality.

Review Styling and Care Guidelines

With lower quality hair weaves, there may be very specific care guidelines that you need to follow to keep the weave in great shape. The highest quality weaves are made from gorgeous, durable, and untreated all-natural hair. These are virgin hair weaves that can be styled with heat, product, and more. Many will have a professional stylist put the weave in to ensure a natural, beautiful result. However, the retailer's or manufacturer's guidelines should not be so strict that you cannot work with the hair on your own as well.

Finding a quality hair weave may be a top priority, and it can seem daunting to review all of the options. However, many will find that a Malaysian, Remy, or virgin weave is a top option.