Take a Look at Some of the Best Hair Extensions on the Market Today

Making the choice to apply extensions to your hair is usually an easy one, thanks to the many benefits that come along with them. Extensions can add volume and length to natural hair, and can add highlights or lowlights that make your hair look luminous and healthy. With so many extensions on the market, it can be well worth your time to learn about the options before choosing the best hair extensions for you:

Clip In Extensions

The clip in style is more of a temporary option for those who are looking to wear extensions for a night rather than for months on end. These extensions are available in both real and synthetic varieties and are usually the most affordable option.

Glued or Bonded Extensions

Another option when considering extensions for the hair are the glued or bonded versions. Depending on the adhesive, either a strong glue or keratin fusion is used to keep the extension in place. These extensions look extremely natural and are highly popular, but regular visits to the salon are required to keep them looking their best. In most cases, these extensions last from three to five months.

Sewn In Extensions

It is also possible to have hair extensions sewn in, a technique known as a weave. This is the best option for those who have thick, curly, or coarse hair because the natural hair has to be able to hold up to the weight of the extension. Those with thin or weak hair should not attempt a weave as it can pull the natural hair out. If choosing the weave method, salon visits are required every four to six weeks, and anytime the weave needs to be tightened. These can last for many months when cared for correctly.

Taped in Extensions

Finally, there are taped in extensions. These have gotten a bad reputation over the past couple of years, but when applied properly, they can look and feel just as good as any other extension. Part of the reason these extensions have gained a bad reputation is that people don't apply them correctly, and the hair becomes matted. When used correctly, these extensions can last for about six months.

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