How to Rock Long or Short Hairstyles with a Malaysian Hair Bundle Deal

Wearing weaves or extensions opens new possibilities to update your current look. Whether you’re aiming to add length or trying out a short hairstyle, you’ll certainly get your money’s worth with a quality  Malaysian hair bundle deal from companies like Virgin Hair Fixx. To help you with your style considerations, here are some tips to achieve some of the hottest long and short hairdos.

Curly Rapunzel

Every girl has pretended to be Rapunzel at least once in her life. With her long, luscious locks, who wouldn’t want to be her even if it’s just for a day? Now, it’s your turn to put a twist on that classic fairy tale look. Long, black, and curly is the way to go. Just apply your curly hair to your desired length and let it hang loose. Wrap up the look with some light finishing spray and a touch of sheen spray for shine.

Asymmetrical Cuts

Asymmetrical hairstyles are so in right now. They make you look modern, sophisticated on one side and chic, stylish on another. If you’ve ever wanted to try short hair, an asymmetrical cut is a great choice since it suits a lot of face shapes. You can either go for an asymmetrical bob or asymmetrical pixie. For the bob, you’ll need to part your hair once in the back and twice at the front; straighten out your straight weave some more and apply a lightweight hair gloss for the finishing touch. For the pixie, part the hair to one side and apply light serum to smoothen the hair.

The Inner Goddess

Bring out your inner goddess with long locks and a braided crown. If you don’t want to go through the trouble of curling your hair, buy the curly or wavy variants. When you apply the hair, braid one section and wrap it around your head to form a head band. Keep it in place by putting hair pins and finish off with a light finishing spray.

Classy Bob

If you don’t like the asymmetrical bob, you can always just go for the classic and timeless look of the original bob. Blow dry your shoulder length hair as you part it down the middle. Use a flat iron to straighten the hair some more and give it a slight curl at the tip. Once you’re down, slather on some lightweight hair gloss for more luster. Hold it all in place using your favorite hairspray.

For best results, use only the finest Malaysian hair bundles. Get your supplies from trusted companies like Virgin Hair Fixx.


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