Malaysian Hair Extensions: Most Suitable for Women with Healthy Scalp

Wearing extensions is a popular way for many women, celebrities included, to achieve their desired looks these days. Unfortunately, some women may not be well-suited to this practice, as they end up damaging their natural hair. Or, is that really the case?


Some hair professionals believe improper scalp care is actually the primary cause of damage in hair that has been subjected to extensions. If the scalp is unhealthy from the start, the natural hair strands will grow weakly even without the temporary weaves. As a result, quality hair enhancements, like Malaysian hair extensions, could bring tension to the roots, and the scalp may not be able to handle or support them due to its feeble condition—even if there’s totally nothing wrong with the extensions.

So, how would you know if you have a healthy scalp, and what are the indicators of an unhealthy one?

Knowing Your Scalp

A greasy and dry scalp normally indicates that your body has requirements that it is not currently receiving. Besides too much exposure to the sun’s harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays, having flakes and dryness in the scalp, which produces stiff threads, manifests insufficient nutrients in your body. These nutrients include Omega 3 fatty acids, vitamins A and B, and minerals zinc and iron.

Have a balanced diet, or at least consume nutritious foods regularly, for a healthy body. Drinking plenty of water every day will also protect your body from dehydration or other similar conditions.

Meanwhile, a combined dry scalp and oily hair occurs as an allergic reaction or oversensitivity to a particular shampoo. That, or your hair has a pH imbalance. Cases of pH imbalance may be remedied easily with the use of baking soda to replace strong solutions in shampoos.

Clogged pores, due to improper hygiene practices, produce the excess oils on your head. The buildup of fragments from chemical products block the flow of oils and nutrients into the hair strands and accumulate on the surfaces instead.

What to Avoid

Before looking for a provider of human hair extensions, it is important to ensure that both your hair and scalp are in good condition, to prevent breakage when wearing enhancements. Keep away from harmful hair products such as dyes, hairspray and electric curlers, or at least keep their usage to a minimum. Make it also a routine to shampoo and rinse properly when taking a bath for a well-conditioned, strong mane.

Moreover, look for hair extension companies, like Virgin Hair Fixx, which have high-quality products in their collection. Virgin hair extensions are carefully inspected for tangles and shedding, and are guaranteed not to swell or frizz in humid climate, ensuring a beautiful mane that’s designed to last.


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