Ideas on Using Your Virgin Hair Extensions for the Half-and-Half Trend

First there was ombre and balayage, and then came pastel, gray or silver, and electric rainbow hair colors. More recently, the half-and-half or split-dye hair trend came to the fore, which literally means half of the head is dyed with a bold color, and the other half is dyed with another.The world of hairstyles has become captivated by bold colors, and nothing makes it more apparent than this latest trend.

Interestingly, the colors frequently used are those dyes from those previously mentioned trends. It’s also great to know that having  virgin hair extensions can make the look far easier to achieve. Take a look at some creative ideas or styles you can try:

Playing with Pastels

Channel your inner fairy or mermaid with pastel colors. Shades of blue orviolet will go well with pink or green. You can also go for cooler pastel combinations like light cerulean and cotton candy purple.

Since most quality human hair extensions come in black colors and bleaching or pre-lightening may be needed to get those pastel shades right, it would be better to use hair chalks or sprays rather than dyes. These can be applied and sealed with a straightening or curling iron, so you can enjoy the results for a couple days and wash it off afterward.

Embracing Edge with Electric Dyes

Alternatively, you can combine bold shades of red or orange with deep emeraldfor an edgy look. You can also rock the wilder look that hot pink and vivid violet can bring. If you can’t find hair chalk in these colors, you can use coloring hair sprays.

Copying Cruella De Vil or Rocking the Bronde

The most distinctive way to rock this trend is by contrasting a bold shade with a more natural shade. Many are reviving the “Cruella De Vil” look with white or gray hair on one side and black on the other. Some also switch white for bolder colors like red, orange, or blue. Alternatively, you can use the neutrals in the ombre trend: golden or honey blonde and brown.

You can dye your natural hair with the funky hue or bleach it to platinum or blonde. Then, use the natural shade and luster of Malaysian  virgin hair, such as those offered by Virgin Hair Fixx, as the other half of your style. Don’t forget to swipe on some lovely lipstick or dramatic eye makeup and don a lovely outfit to match your striking hairstyle!


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