Coloring Your Remy Hair Extensions Pastel: Tips for latest Hair Trends

Everywhere you look, people are raving about pastel or rainbow hair colors. You see it on models on the runway, on celebrities on the cover of magazines and various red carpet or television appearances, and on the chicest bloggers and style icons the world over. You see soft, whimsical shades and bold or electric hues alike, and they all look so fun and fabulous.

If you want to try the fun trend yourself, you can certainly do it even with your  Remy hair extensions. Unlike synthetic makes, human hair extensions of this finest quality can be colored and styled like natural hair, so when they are dyed or ironed, they won’t get damaged easily. Here are some tips and tricks as you try the fun trend of coloring your hair extension with pastel or rainbow dyes:

Be particular with hair care before applying dyes.

One of the best ways to make sure your hair and your extensions don’t get damaged when they’re colored is to prepare them with good hair care. Even without the prospect of dyeing your hair, you need to do these routines anyway for maintenance purposes.

For your natural hair, you need to condition it a lot, and you might want to try treating it with virgin coconut oil or Argan oil. As for your extensions, follow the instructions of the manufacturer or your stylist regarding its care. You may need to co-wash (conditioner wash) it and apply sealers.

Try temporary coloring techniques first.

Consider “trial runs” for pastel or rainbow hair first before getting your hair and extensions dyed. You can use hair chalks, sprays, and even the Kool-Aid dip dye trick to see how the colors will look on the ends or on streaks of your hair. If you like the look but don’t want to commit to it for weeks or months, just use those temporary colorants whenever you want to.

Enlist the help of hair extension experts.

When you finally decide to get the semi-permanent half-and-half or full head of bold or pastel colors, it’s best to have a professional stylist do it. Make sure the pro knows how to dye hair extensions safely so your extensions retain their quality. Likewise, from the start, get quality  virgin Remy hair from established shops like Virgin Hair Fixx, which can give you sufficient hair bundles with superb textures that can take dyes well, all at affordable prices.


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