Irresistible Malaysian Hair Bundle Deals: How Much Hair Do You Need?

When you come across affordable Malaysian hair bundle deals from trusted sellers like Virgin Hair Fixx, it pays to know just how much hair you really need to buy to get those long locks you’ve always wanted. How hard could it be, right? As it turns out, a lot of ladies struggle to answer that question. You don’t want to be that girl who didn’t buy enough and realized that mistake halfway through the fitting of your extensions. To save yourself from that major hassle, here are the factors you need to consider to determine the right amount of hair you need.


Hair Length and Head Shape

Since your natural hair will be the base of your hair extensions, you need to consider its length. Normally, your hair needs to be at least three inches long for a sew-in weave to get the best results. The hair bundles also come in different lengths so consider how long you want your hair to be extended. If you are getting your weave bonded, however, any length will do. For ladies with longer head shapes, you’ll need more hair and just to be on the safe side, you might want to consider buying a 4-bundle deal.

Partial or Full Weaves

If you’re looking to get just a partial weave, you don’t need that much hair. At least one bundle or four ounces of hair will do. A full weave typically requires at least two bundles or eight ounces of hair. It would depend on where you’re buying your bundles as well. If your supplier offers virgin Malaysian hair bundles, you might want to get more of this type of hair since they are known for their finer texture. For a full weave of virgin hair, get at least three bundles or about 12 ounces of hair. Anything left over can be used later if it’s time to get a new weave.

Hairstyle and Texture

You’d want the hair bundles you buy to keep up with your styling preferences. If you’re planning on braiding your hair or sporting an up-do, you’ll need more hair. The same goes for that long, luscious, wavy hair style. You can opt to buy a 4-bundle deal just to be sure that you have enough. Also, if you’re trying to match the hair bundles you buy to the texture of your natural hair, you’d do well to estimate the amount of hair you need. If your hair is a bit on the kinky or curly side, you don’t need that much to go a long way.


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