Malaysian Hair Extensions, Chalk for Dramatic, No-Commitment Makeovers

When you’re tired of your daily routine or you’re expecting an upcoming major change in your life (a career change, a breakup, or a move to a new place, perhaps), you want your hair to keep up or change, too. Getting a new look through a hair makeover can give you confidence to face the next chapter of your life, as well as provide an interesting twist to your appearance.

On the other hand, there are also all the chic events you might be attending this summer. You might be going to one of the many music festivals or contemporary art fairs. You might be going on a holiday abroad and simply rocking your crop tops. Don’t forget to dress up your hair and match every hot outfit!

Of course, you might be wanting a major hair makeover, something dramatic and truly inspiring. You might be interested in trying out the latest hair trends, as well. However, if you don’t know how all these trends will look on you, you would want to wear them temporarily first. If you don’t know if you will like them for a long time, you might not want getting permanent dyes (pastel hair, anyone?). You might be wondering, “Can you really get those dramatic makeovers without the commitment?” The answer is “yes”, and here some ideas you can explore:

Enhancing Your Hair’s Length and Volume

Have you been dreaming of long, lustrous strands lately? Give Malaysian hair extensions a try. They can definitely give you the desirable extralength and volume that will make your hair more versatile for any style.

You can get these extensions in whatever texture – straight and silky, sexy and wavy, or fun and curly – and length you might want. Once applied and they end up being too long, they can be cut and styled to look more natural. They can be applied only on some parts of your head to augment your natural hair, but you can have bundles weaved for full coverage.

Adding Subtle Splashes of Color

The biggest summer trend is pastel, and one of the easiest, non-permanent ways to get the style is by using hair chalk. You can apply it to the tips of your hair for an ombre effect or to some streaks of your hair, which you can weave in braids.You can also apply chalk to human hair extensions – such as the high-quality  Malaysian virgin hair offered by Virgin Hair Fixx – and iron the strands like natural hair without damaging the extensions. You can easily wash the chalk off or switch colors whenever you want.


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