Style and Protect Your Natural Hair Using Malaysian Hair Extensions

For many years, African American women have always felt the need to have their hair relaxed because their naturally kinky ‘fros could not receive as much societal acceptance as wavy and straight ‘dos. In fact, this has even become an issue in corporate America where donning one’s natural hair instead of the conventional style is seen as “unprofessional”. Workplace discrimination, dismissal threats, and retracted job offers are just some of the concerns ‘fro-wearing women are facing.

However, events in Paris runways and the Hollywood red carpet show that the ’fro is having its dramatic comeback. More and more naturalist icons are influencing black women and even younger children to embrace their authentic looks. A New York-based celebrity stylist observed, however, that black women are joining the bandwagon not because it’s a fashion trend, but simply because their natural tresses are already breaking apart thanks to years of styling and applying chemical treatments in order to keep them tamed.

According to, black hair doesn’t grow as long because of its extremely dry and fragile nature, making it more susceptible to damage compared to those of other ethnicities. If you’ve been styling you hair for years and are suffering from excessive breakage as a result, perhaps the best way for you to go completely natural is to trim off a significant hair length, if not opt for the big chop.

If you’re concerned about its lack of versatility, wait until you hair grows to at least four inches and purchase  Malaysian hair for sale from online suppliers like Virgin Hair Fixx. Malaysian hair is a lightweight, human hair variety that can blend with your natural hair seamlessly with its perfect low luster. Whether you wear it as a weave or as an extension, the product will let you style to your heart’s desire while you wait for your natural hair to reach an acceptable length.

Malaysian hair extensions can be washed, cleaned, and styled just like your natural hair. With the right care, it can last up to six months. Finding a professional stylist is crucial to ensure that the fitting proceeds properly and safely. Also, don’t wear your extensions longer than advised, and have them removed for a couple of weeks to give your hair time to “breathe”.

Extensions protect your natural hair well from the wear and tear of styling. With healthy natural hair, you can be more confident in sporting your authentic style.


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