Virgin Hair Extension Installation: Preparing for Your Appointment

Virgin hair extensions can truly make you look sexier with improved hair volume and added length, and they can be truly exciting when you’re getting them for the first time. So whether you’re having them installed for a one-time event or will wear it for months ‘till your hair reaches the length you desire, here are things you should do to help you prepare well for your appointment:


1.Ensure your hair is in the right condition. To make hair extensions work well for you, your hair must meet certain requirements. Brittle or badly-damaged hair may put more stress on your scalp and may not be able to hold the extension’s weight. Try to keep your hair healthy by eating healthily and having the split or dead ends trimmed. Your hair must also be at least 2 inches long while the extensions should be at most twice the length of your natural hair.

2.Color your hair to match your extensions. If you’ve dyed your natural black hair with lighter shades, it would be better to revert it back to its original color before seeing your stylist to have your virgin hair extensions installed. Although virgin hair extensions from sellers such as Virgin Hair Fixx can be colored, pre-coloring your hair to match it before installation can help prevent your extensions from breaking too early.

3.Clean your hair thoroughly the day before the appointment. Use a clarifying shampoo to clear your hair of oils and other build ups that may make the installation process difficult. You should also make sure your hair is dry and manageable when you arrive at the salon. Although your stylist can do this for you, why stay longer in the salon and pay for the extra service? The installation itself can take a few hours, so if possible, straighten your hair to make fitting your extensions faster and easier.

4.Prepare your extension brush. Purchase your extension brush before your appointment so you can readily manage your extensions right after the fitting. The perfect extension brush doesn’t get stuck on the fastening points and puts stress on the extensions. Finally, once your extensions are already installed, limit your washing using regular shampoo to only 2 or 3 times a week and use a dry shampoo instead.

Installing hair extensions can take quite long so it’s important for you to follow these preparation tips prior to your appointment. Not only does the faster application save you cost, it also prevents unnecessary hair damage from happening.


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