Protective Styling Tips to Properly Maintain Your Virgin Remy Hair

Anybody who has ever worn weaves or extension is no stranger to the difficulty of maintaining them. Routine maintenance is absolutely a must but what if you’re a busy gal or the weather is proving too harsh? Instead of wearing your hair out, you can just turn to protective styling. This way, you get to protect your virgin Remy hair weave from the elements and keep it in good condition for longer. Here are some helpful tips you can follow.

Change It Up

Protective styling doesn’t have to be all that boring; after all, the word “styling” is a part of that phrase. There are several styling options for you to choose from and all will look good on basically anybody. Braids and twists are the most popular, but they do tend to frizz up more often if they are bigger. The best way to avoid that is to keep them small and keep them straight while you are wearing them.

Don’t Wear it For Too Long

Protective styles aren’t supposed to last forever. Don’t forget that you still have real hair underneath. Besides, you didn’t get virgin Remy hair weaves just to keep them all bundled up. Show it off, flaunt it, wear it loose for longer. It is ideal to just keep a protective style for just a period of one week. This way, you get to give your hair some breathing room and try other trendy styles next time.

Moisturize Naturally

Moisture is the hair’s best friend, whatever texture it may be. Even if you are wearing a protective hairstyle, you still need to keep moisturizing both your natural hair and your weave so it doesn’t look dull. When choosing products, always go natural. They’re healthier for your hair and are better at keeping that bounce and shine. Look for products with shea butter, aloe vera or coconut oil as these are some of nature’s best moisturizers.

Redo the Edges

After a while, your protective style will have become a little unraveled or even tangled at the tips. A simple redo of the edges can easily restore the balance and give you an overall fresher appearance. Keep doing this if you want to keep a certain style longer.

Protective styling can extend the life of your weaves but nothing still beats getting products of high quality. Trust only reputable manufacturers like Virgin Hair Fixx to give you the quality products for the best values.


6 Tips for Making Protective Styles Last a Long Time, BlackGirlLongHair