Five Ways You Can Help Your Remy Hair Extensions Beat the Summer Heat

Summer’s here and we all know what its’ oppressive heat can do to you your hair and Remy hair extensions. Tangled, dried and brittle hair should be the least of your worries during your summer escapades so make sure you’re well prepared for the summer heat. Follow these tips to keep your weaves in tip-top shape:


1.Start by investing in quality extensions

If you wish to avoid wearing itchy, smelly, matted hair then avoid cheap weaves as summer heat and sweat can easily ruin them. By contrast, softer Virgin Remy hair such as those available from Virgin Hair Fixx are easier to maintain and look much more natural with your hair. So consider them instead.

2.Keep your crown hydrated

Summer is the time when your hair needs moisture the most. Drink lots of water to keep your natural hair from drying out and load up on leave-in conditioners to keep your extensions soft and to keep from having to wear a frazzled bird nest on your head. Extra care, however, must be taken in applying moisturizer as it can loosen extension tapes and cause it to slip. You should also wash your hands after applying lotion to keep it from coming in contact with your hair.

3.Reduce pressure on bonds

Bond extensions are especially fragile when wet, more so where pool or beach water is involved. Due to this, your bonds require special care. To reduce the strain on bonds caused by tangling, braid your hair or tie it in a low bun. Do not wear your hair in a ponytail as this can only add pressure to the bonds and put it at risk of breakage.

4.Don’t stay in the water too long

Summer isn’t complete without a customary plunge but you know how harsh chlorine and saltwater can be to your hair, even more so on your extensions. To prevent your hair from absorbing these chemicals, pre-soak it in clean water then spray leave-in conditioners. Don’t spend too much time in the water and dry your bonds as soon as you get out of it. Better yet, don’t go dipping with your clipped-on extensions if you’re wearing some.

5.Minimize heat styling

Using heating devices in styling is a double whammy for your hair. Let your hair hang loose and natural. You can still achieve the perfect summer look, though, by tying your hair up in a knot and applying leave-in conditioner to keep those beach-y waves in place. This gives you a carefree look all summer long.


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