What to Know About Our Virgin Hair Weave Provides

At Virgin Hair Fixx, you will only find quality virgin hair weave. Unlike other retailers, we specialize in one product. Concentrating on one product allows us to fully dedicate our efforts to offering the best Malaysian hair weave the world has to offer.

What is Virgin Hair Weave?

When you buy virgin hair weave, it indicates that the extensions you are buying are made from real human hair that has never been processed, steamed, or chemically treated. By leaving the hair untreated, the integrity of the hair is preserved. The outer cuticle and the inner cortex of the hair shaft are left intact and undamaged. The cortex is responsible for providing the hair shaft with a natural layer of protection; keeping the hair healthy, strong and resilient. The benefit of having an intact outer cuticle provides the hair with the strength and durability needed to last through excessive styling, and the inner cortex provides the hair with thickness and a beautiful natural color.

What Are the Benefits of Virgin Hair Weaves?

There are key differences in the integrity and structure of synthetic hair weave and human hair blends in opposition to virgin hair weave. But what are the benefits in investing in virgin hair weave?

  • Treat Virgin Hair Weave as Part of Your Own Hair. You can treat your virgin hair weave in exactly the same way as you do your own hair! Virgin human hair weave is truly an extension to your nature locks. Unlike synthetic hair weave and beauty store human hair, our virgin hair weave can be washed, conditioned and heat styled just like your real hair. This is the key to virgin human hair’s impressive manageability and natural grace.
  • Virgin Hair Maintains Naturally Shine. Not to be confused with luster, virgin human hair imparts a natural, healthy shine. This natural shine is a sign of healthy hair, as the intact cuticle creates a smooth surface for light to reflect off of. Virgin hair weave does not contain plastic like synthetic hair, so the luster of the hair remains low, unlike the waxy appearance of synthetic hair.
  • Virgin Hair Is Stronger and More Durable. The cuticle, the component that is kept in virgin hair only, provides varying depths of hard layers of overlapping cells. These layers form a shield over the delicate part of the hair shaft and protect it from styling as well as nature’s elements like harmful UV sunrays and moisture-stripping wind. The necessary component of virgin hair weave allows you to brush, comb and style the hair without hair fear of breakage, shedding or excessive tangling. Virgin human hair can even withstand harsh chemical processes, highlighting, bleaching and coloring. Virgin human hair in the uncontested champion of hair extensions and all other hair weave fail in comparison. Invest wisely and choose our 100% virgin human hair weave.

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