Remy Hair

Virgin Hair Fixx is proud to offer its customers the best quality of Virgin Remy hair products on the market. We specialize in overseeing the collection, assembly and distribution of Virgin Remy hair bundles.

What Are the Benefits of Virgin Remy Hair Weave?

Virgin Remy Hair extensions represent the upper echelon of human hair extensions. It truly reigns supreme over synthetic hair, human hair blends, and even processed 100% human hair. The key to the prestigious appeal of Virgin Remy Hair is the presence of an intact cuticle.

The hair shafts from each donor are carefully inspected and only the shafts that contain an undamaged cuticle make it into our bundles. After the strands are selected, they are tightly weft into a bundle in a unidirectional manner, making sure that all of the cuticles are laying in the same direction. This creates a silky smooth surface resistant to tangling, breaking and potential shedding.

Along with creating a smooth surface that reveals a healthy shine, the intact cuticle doubles as a protective barrier. The cuticle protects the outside of the hair from environmental factors and styling aids as well as the delicate cortex on the inside of hair that helps retain moisture. Because the cortex is protected, Remy hair weave is less prone to breakage—a common sign of dry, brittle hair.

Virgin Remy hair’s superiority also comes from its styling properties. Because the hair has never been treated, it takes color processing particularly well, can be heat styled in any manner, and can hold a style for hours with minimum product. Celebrity stylists have always worked with Virgin Remy Hair extensions due to its low-manageability and high-workability.

The value of Remy Hair weave is undoubtedly represented in its durability. With proper care, the weave can last as long as 6 months to one year! With an intact cuticle and protected cortex, the hair is resistant to daily damage caused by the sun, wind, brushing and combing. Remy hair even maintains its resilience through chemical processes and repetitive heat styling.

As expected of any superior product, remy hair weave can carry a superior price tag, amounting to double the price of synthetic hair. Although twice as expensive, it last three times as long. Remy hair extensions are truly an investment.

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