Lace Closure

About Virgin Hair Fixx’s Standard and Lace Closures

Choosing the Best Hair Closures, Including Lace Closures for the Natural Look: Virgin Hair Fixx

Virgin Hair Fixx is dedicated to providing our customers with a flawless, dazzling look. We want our customers to be confident in every strand that is on their head. In order to obtain a seamlessly flawless look, hair closures are an essential piece. This is why we offer premium lace closures.

A lace closure is the key to delivering a totally believable hair weave. Once reserved for celebrities to create an impeccable “red carpet” look, we offer our virgin hair lace closures to you. Because none of your real hair is left out, you can rock any texture you would like, even if it does not match your nature texture. If you would like a sleek straight look and are concerned you natural hair will not blend well, leave the guess work up to us and invest in our straight hair closure. If you have naturally straight or chemical- straightened hair and would like to convert to bountiful dramatic curls, allow our curly lace closure to complete your transformation. Even if you purchase virgin hair weave similar to your nature texture, use a virgin lace hair closure to protect your natural hair from daily styling and excessive stress. Whatever you hair cares needs are, a lace closure is the answer to a seamlessly flawless style.

In addition to faultless blending, here are some of the most important benefits of lace closures and why they are right for you:

  • Styling Versatility: The fundamental part of a lace closure is the illusion of a natural scalp. They are designed with medium density and bleached knots, allowing them to blend in impeccably with your extensions while creating a natural scalp look. This gives you freedom to style your hair with partings and up-dos, helping you to be confident and not worry about giving the secret away.
  • Protection from Color Damage: If you choose to dye you virgin hair weave, you won’t have to worry about dyeing your natural hair. Because our lace closures are made with the same 100% virgin remy hair, they can be dyed to match the rest of your bundles without any hassle. So have fun, take a plunge and become a fiery red or a bubbly blonde.
  • Low Maintenance: Just like your virgin hair weave, lace closures continue to significantly decrease the amount of time and money you have to spend when maintaining the style you want to achieve. Having a lace closure prevents the need to continuously heat-style or correct your “leave-out” by eliminating the need for it. Lace closures are extremely convenient for maintaining a busy lifestyle along with beautiful hair. Experience the beauty and ease of “get up and go” hair by crowning your virgin hair weave with a lace closure.

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