Hair Weaves

Find Human Hair Extensions for the Truly Natural Look You Really Want

Finding the best quality human hair weaves can be an easy way to achieve an effortless look of beautiful, natural hair. Human hair weave is a superior alternative to synthetic hair and detectable wigs. Our Malaysian Hair weave will help you to add texture, body, and length to your hair, seamlessly blending into the look you already have.

Should You Choose Hair Weaves?

Human hair weave is so versatile; it can be used by virtually anyone to accomplish any desired look. Whether you are thinning and looking for full body, a short cut looking for dramatic length, or transitioning and simply looking for a protective style, human hair weave will satisfy your needs.

What Is the Difference between Human and Synthetic Hair Weave?

Of course, it is possible to buy synthetic or human hair weave at many online retailers. But at Virgin Hair Fixx, we only sell real 100% human hair products. This is because there are a lot of differences in the ways that synthetic and human hair react, look and last when styled or treated. Virgin Hair Fixx is dedicated to providing our clients with excellent quality hair that creates a glamorous yet subtle look and appearance.

You will find that when buying human hair extensions, you will immediately create a much more natural look that is unobtainable with synthetic hair. With the variety of human hair weaves that we have at Virgin Hair Fixx, it is easy to find one that seamlessly blends in with your own hair, creating the illusion of naturally longer, fuller locks. You will also be able to style your hair using heat, which is absolutely impossible with synthetic hair. This is why we believe that human hair weaves are the best option for quality. Human hair weave is no doubt an investment, as it will always outlast synthetic hair.

At Virgin Hair Fixx, we sell a variety of different types of human hair weaves to ensure that you will find the perfect match for your hair. It is our pleasure to help you create the beautiful, natural style that you are searching for with unmatched ease and confidence.