Want the Best Virgin Hair? Tips on Making a Smart Investment on Hair

A woman’s hair is an extension of her personality, and she’d certainly style it the way she wants it to look. However, sometimes styling it could be difficult, particularly if your hair isn’t growing as fast as you want it to, and for women with the similar problem, investing on hair extensions is the best choice.


Nowadays, women looking for added beauty in their hair seek extensions made of  quality virgin hair, which numerous shops offer. The problem is that some of these shops could be offering synthetic hair, or even hair’s that simply piled up and treated; real virgin hair should come directly from a person and should not have undergone any kind of treatment. It’s sometimes hard to discern from those offering synthetic hair and those with real virgin hair, so the question is: how do you know if you’re going to get your money’s worth from your new locks?

Rely on Reviews

Knowing what other people think of the product can greatly help you in your decision-making process. If you know someone who recently bought herself some virgin hair, you can ask her about it or you could check out online reviews from people on YouTube (opt for lesser-known personalities instead of more popular beauty gurus).

Remember that virgin hair has many types, including Peruvian, Brazilian, and Malaysian. Of all these types,  quality virgin Malaysian hair is among the most durable in the world since Malaysian women typically take care of their hair through a diet rich with herbs and nutrients essential for stimulating the growth of healthy hair. Furthermore, virgin Malaysian hair is known for its softness and smoothness.

Don’t Pay for Cheap Ones

Yes, it might seem practical to invest in cheaper hair extensions, but you’re more likely to receive an overly processed batch of locks or, worse, a bad one. You’ll want to get more out of your hair extensions, so don’t hesitate to spend a little more because you’re likely to have a smarter investment on high-quality virgin hair extensions.

Trust Your Senses

Upon looking for virgin hair, you should look for ones that have a bounce in it. Don’t hesitate to smell them to ensure that you’re not getting a synthetic batch. Also, look closely at the hair, particularly the ends: overly-processed hair would usually have hints of dryness or split-ends, while natural hair are moisturized at the ends.

Investing in hair extensions could be a major endeavor, so don’t settle for less and shop only for quality virgin hair, which shops such as Virgin Hair Fixx offer.

(Source: Virgin Hair: How To Make A Smart Investment , Everything Exclusive Magazine)