Want Fuller or Longer Hair on Your Head? Opt For a Virgin Hair Weave

If you’re feeling envy of all those celebrities with long and full-bodied manes of hair, you’ll be glad to know that you can achieve that same look for yourself. There’s no need for a so-called special treatment or product; all you need is to have extensions installed into your hair. There are various types of hair textures to choose from, but if you are looking for hair extensions, it will be best to go with lustrous virgin hair weave.


There are several reasons why you should choose virgin hair for your extensions. To deserve the name “virgin”, the hair has to meet several requirements. First, the weave needs to be made up of 100% human hair; no mixes or synthetics. Second, it needs to be untouched by treatments. Some hair extension preparations require hairs to be treated with chemicals like coloring or bleaching, but with virgin hair you can be sure it is kept in its natural state.

Third, all of the hair in the weave should be from one source. Some suppliers mix in hairs when they think a particular bundle is short of volume– this won’t happen with virgin hair. Lastly, all the cuticle layers should be intact and point in the same direction. This ensures less tangling and lengthens its overall lifespan.

There are various types of virgin hair on the market. For example: popular Malaysian hair weave from sellers like Virgin Hair Fixx can provide your locks with luster and shine while being easy to curl and wave. It also blends well with African-American hair, making it the ideal choice for many African-American celebrities. The coarseness of Malaysian hair also makes it easier to style and less prone to tangle while making it more durable in the long-term. The variety of choices and qualities of hair is in contrast to the synthetic choices on the market; a lot of synthetic hair extensions can easily get tangled and need additional maintenance to style properly.

Admittedly, human hair extensions may cost you a bit more than their synthetic competitors. The fact that human hair extensions are easier to manage and are more durable, however, makes them worth the cost you’ll be paying for them.

(Source: HOW TO CHOOSE THE RIGHT HAIR EXTENSIONS, The Beauty Entrepreneur)