Virgin Hair Extensions: Helpful Tips for a More Informed Purchase

After a wave of actresses, celebrities, and models started to wear these on catwalks and red carpets, an ever-increasing number of women are now discovering the benefits of  hair extensions for themselves. As with any popular product, it seems the market is now overrun with so many different hair extension brands. If you’re seriously considering wearing them for the first time, it pays to know about the best of the lot: virgin hair extensions. Here are a few pieces of information to help you make a more informed purchase about this particularly high quality hair product.

What does “virgin” mean?

The term “virgin” refers to natural human hair that has not been treated or processed in any way. Virgin hair is considered the best type of hair extension because of its natural luster, softness, flexibility, and durability. Its supremacy above other hair extension types lies primarily with the fact that the hair is cuticle-aligned, meaning all the hair cuticles are in a single direction. Cuticle-aligned hair is easy to style and maintain, plus it’s less susceptible to frizzing and tangling.

Choosing virgin hair extensions

You need to choose a style and length that works best for your particular face shape, body type, and height. Regardless of what you may hear from hair style gurus or read in fashion magazines, the best way to choose the right style and length is to take a good look at yourself. You may also want to consider your taste, lifestyle, and profession in your virgin hair selection.

Adding virgin hair extensions

It’s critical to ensure that your own hair and scalp are in superb condition before adding any extensions to it. If you plan to bond your hair extensions with glue, ensure that your hair is more than 3 inches before having them attached. For sew-in hair extensions, ensure that your own hair is more than 2 inches in length.


You need to take good care of your virgin hair it to maintain its quality. Proper caring methods include regular brushing, conditioning, washing, plaiting, and wrapping—things you would usually do to your normal hair. Heated hair appliances should be used sparingly and with the utmost care.

If maintained well, virgin human hair extensions can outlast other products, making this option a very smart beauty investment for you.


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