Stunning Virgin Hair Weave: Some Feasible Care and Maintenance Tips

Maintaining hair always poses a dilemma for weave wearers. Putting too much importance on caring for weaves could lead to hair with thinner and less healthy ends while placing too much importance on caring for your natural locks could easily damage weaves. Although caring for your weaves is indeed important if you want to maintain a fuller and stunning crown, taking care of the hair underneath is equally vital.


While wearing the  right virgin hair weave could undoubtedly ensure faster hair growth, you still need to take care of your natural hair so that, once the time comes for you to finally remove the weave, the hair underneath would be lush, healthy, and more beautiful than before. Thankfully, you can care for both your natural hair and your virgin hair weave through these simple steps.

Shampooing and Conditioning

Most virgin hair weaves are versatile enough to be treated as your own, and what better way to take care of them than to use the same treatments you apply to your own hair; namely, shampoos and conditioners? In the case of conditioners, you’ll have to make sure that they could reach your own hair, hence using a thin, watery conditioner is recommended. While shampooing, make sure to concentrate on your scalp and massage it using your fingertips, then slowly work them downwards to the tips.


Shampooing and conditioning your hair is just the first step: protein treatments are a must in order to get the desired result of lusher and healthier hair. Without protein, your natural hair will weaken and may be easily broken. Worse, the lack of protein in your scalp could lead to thinner hair or massive shedding. Stylists recommend the application of protein treatments on your hair once every two weeks to avoid these situations.

Oils and Moisture

Your natural hair and scalp need nourishment, and applying natural oils can give them with much-needed nutrients. You’ll simply need to work these oils beneath the weave and into the scalp by massaging it. It’s an added plus should your weave be made of types such as a  virgin Malaysian hair weave from retailers such as Virgin Hair Fixx, since oils won’t usually hurt them. Wearing a weave for a long time could also dry the scalp, leading to problems such as dandruff. A simple fix is to apply moisturizer, preferably spray-type, to evenly moisturize both your hair and your scalp.

These simple tips, together with the proper care, will not only retain the beauty of your weave, but also contribute to more stunning hair underneath.

(Source: A Simple Hair Care Regimen for Ladies with Sew-Ins , Black Hair Media)