Remy Hair Extensions: Priceless Investments for Enhanced Self-Esteem

Many celebrities are not comfortable talking about, or evenly openly admitting to, wearing hair extensions. Not so pop star Meghan Trainor.

The All About that Bass singer is very vocal about her use of hair extensions, saying that these make her feel fabulous. Recalling the shoot of her hit music video, Trainor remarked that she felt more powerful and in “a whole new world” wearing them. She even considers wearing extensions as her number one beauty tip.


Still, there has been some debate over using hair extensions vs. going “natural”. This despite the fact that many celebrities actually sport them in different occasions, and that a lot of non-celebrities have used or are using them for varying periods of time.

Most of those who have used or are using extensions extol the benefits they get from these hair enhancements, saying these have given them a significant confidence boost. This is especially true with high quality products, such as Remy hair extensions from sources like Virgin Hair Fixx, which can definitely do wonders in giving an appearance of healthy, lustrous hair, especially for those with less than perfect natural hair textures.

Many articles on hair extensions talk about how African-American women get the “is that your real hair?” question more frequently than others. Black women who have participated in such discussions say that their unique hair texture make it more difficult to wear their hair naturally long, making extensions a good alternative. However, wearing extensions is fast becoming a regular practice among women across various demographics—one only has to watch reality T.V. shows like America’s Next Top Model to know this to be true.

Perhaps, getting the “is that your real hair?” question serves as testament to the quality of hair extensions one is wearing. Virgin Remy hair extensions, for example, is made from carefully selected real hair that has never seen any processing and with the cuticles still intact, making for strong, shiny, natural-looking hair with a smooth texture—certainly the kind of hair most women want to have.

In addition to this, wearing extensions help women express themselves and their moods better, especially those who like to switch things up and experiment with different looks. Versatility is one of the foremost reasons women cite for wearing extensions. One can choose to wear pretty curls for a day, then immediately switch to long, sleek tresses for an important formal occasion.

Lastly, hair extensions are an investment. When picked and applied right, extensions can do wonders to your hair’s appearance, and make you feel like a thousand bucks. In the end, wearing extensions is a personal choice, and investing on feeling good about yourself is priceless.

(Source: More than her Bass, Meghan Trainor’s all about her Hair Extensions,, January 22, 2015)