Malaysian Virgin Hair Extensions Can Help Your Natural Hair Grow

Not all women are blessed with the ability to grow their hair to incredible lengths. As a result, most of them turn to hair extensions just so they can flaunt a longer hair style. However, unknown to many, hair extensions when expertly applied and cared for can be used as a tool to grow out natural hair. Using these tips below, you can enhance your hair growth while wearing Malaysian virgin hair extensions.

Don’t Fall for Cheap Tricks

When it comes to hair products, quality doesn’t come cheap. You should never buy products that are suspiciously cheap unless they’re on sale. While it might look like you’re getting a great deal for some cheap extensions, you might just put yourself at risk. There are many women who are victims of fake hair extensions, causing damage to their natural hair. Look for trusted suppliers of quality virgin Malaysian hair like Virgin Hair Fixx that can provide you with the real deal. Also, have a professional stylist attach your hair extensions to make sure that they are bonded properly.

Pamper Your Hair with Moisture

It’s easy to forget that you really have short natural hair underneath your hair extensions. Remember though that just because your real hair is hidden away, doesn’t mean that it’s safe from being damaged. Don’t forget to moisturize your hair daily so that it still gets the nourishing care it needs to stay healthy. Use gentle moisturizing shampoo when you shower and deep condition it afterwards. Put on a healthy coating of oils like Argan Oil, Olive Oil, Moroccan oil or coconut oil to the hair shaft for extra moisture.

Let the Hair Breathe

No matter what application method you choose, it’s important that your hair still has some room to breathe. Tell your stylist if you feel like it’s too tight on your head so he or she can make adjustments. When the extensions are incorrectly applied, it can lead to some hair loss problems which can bungle your plans of growing it out.

Your hair only deserves the best quality of virgin Malaysian hair. Suppliers like Virgin Hair Fixx can provide you with the best extensions in many different styles for you to choose from.


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