Malaysian Hair Extensions: How to Choose Weaves for Lasting Hairstyles

Have you ever undergone a dramatic hairstyle change only to switch right back to your old one after a week or two? Stars like Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Anniston surely have. However, Women’s Health beauty reporter Jill Percia observes: “…it’s not just celebrities who get the itch to switch (their hair)… it happens to real women, too…”


Percia also provides a list of questions you should ask yourself before switching back. Here’s the most important one:

Did I give it a chance? Making a striking hair change can be like trying an intense new workout—so daunting at first that it makes you wonder why you signed up for it in the first place. But once you give it a whirl, get used to seeing yourself in the mirror with your new look, and play around with some new makeup shades, you might realize you love your new style. I’ve found that for me, that can take up to two weeks to get to that point—so I usually recommend giving yourself at least that long to adjust to your hair change. And if you still aren’t feeling it by that time, then you officially have the green light to say good-bye to your new hairstyle!

One of the major hairstyle changes any woman can make is to start wearing hair extensions. Since this can be a major investment, nobody wants to have to return to an old hairstyle at the end of the day. Choosing quality weaves like Malaysian hair extensions can be one way to ward off the itch to switch.

Weaves of lesser quality have rough textures that can create too much friction, while severely processed weaves can hold harmful chemicals. Some products require complicated or lengthy maintenance processes, which are troublesome to deal with. Synthetic alternatives, on the other hand, do not blend well with natural hair nor withstand styling techniques (e.g. gets ruined with heating, tangles easily, etc.)

On the other hand, when you purchase virgin Malaysian hair extensions from trusted retailers like Virgin Hair Fixx, you get an assurance of superior quality. These weaves come in silky, vibrant textures and have been minimally handled without any chemical processing. The durable products require minimal maintenance and adapt well to desirable and trendy hairstyles. With all these benefits, you might not want to switch back for a while–or even permanently!

(Source: How to Tell If You Should Undo a Dramatic Hair Change, Women’s Health, February 10, 2014)