Malaysian Hair Bundles as Non-surgical Treatment for Menopausal Women

When women reach their 40s, they are expected to be nearing the end of their menstrual cycle. While hot flashes, mood swings, and sleeping disruptions are the usual effects of this transition, hair thinning and loss are also likely to occur during this period. Approximately 40% of women past their menopause experience these hair conditions, similar to the proportion of men who suffer from hair loss.


Menopause and Hormonal Changes

The relation of menopause and hair loss among women is due to their body’s hormonal changes, which also happen after childbirth. As the hormones start to decline during certain transitions, the hair follicles lose their capability to produce, resulting in the development of weak hair strands or the total halt of hair development. Other reasons for hair loss during menopausal period include stress, genetic predisposition, and other hormonal imbalances from the patient’s medical history, such as iron deficiencies, illnesses, medications, and crash diets.

Contrary to the male pattern hair loss, wherein the effects are more visible, hair loss for women isn’t that evident. Thus, a number of women miss its early signs, accounting for around 50% hair loss. Aside from hair loss being a cosmetic problem, especially for women, it actually has psychological consequences affecting their self-esteem, leading to anxiety, depression, and all things related.


Physicians may recommend hair restoration methods along with lifestyle changes to boost hair regrowth. However, these treatments require time before its effects become visible. A simpler and more convenient alternative would be to wear hair extensions, such as  quality Malaysian hair bundles.

Despite the fact that hair extensions are for enhancing a person’s look, it actually is a good temporary and non-surgical solution for patients suffering from hair loss, as well as women going through menopause. Hair extensions can be either made of human or synthetic hair, and may come with different attachment methods like adhesive, weaving, or clip-on, depending on the person’s preference.

Having a professional hair stylist administer the necessary extensions is vital to avoid damages to both the hair and scalp and to achieve the desired look.

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