Long Locks for Short-Haired Girls: Tips on Getting Hair Extensions

Perhaps you’ve had your hair cut short for a fresh new look some time ago, but its lack of versatility is making you pine for long, flowing locks once again. If you wish to have a stylish long hair right away and can’t wait to grow your natural hair to the desired length, why not wear hair extensions that can look almost as natural as your real hair? Hair extensions work for shorter hair, too, whether it’s a pixie, a bob, or a lob. Here are some important tips to note if you’re considering on getting an extension.

Hair extension type

If you intend to wear extensions for long term, opt for virgin extensions like a Malaysian hair weave, from sellers like Virgin Hair Fixx, instead of synthetic. Why? This authentic human hair extension has not undergone processing of any sort so it’s able to retain its strength and healthy shine. It also blends seamlessly with African-American multi-ethnic hair types due to its low luster and natural appearance. It’s soft, light-textured and resistant to frizz and it can be maintained and styled just like the natural hair. Styles usually come in four options, including Malaysian straight hair, wavy, full body wave, or curly. A supplier can provide you with the best extension that matches the volume and the length you wish to have.

Application type

Your hair should be at least four inches long for your hair extension to blend well. There are a variety of application types to choose from but clipped-in hair extensions are recommended for those with short hair. This application involves clipping the extensions from underneath the hair, which helps conceal the clips. Compare this to glue-in application which can be hard to hide as the weft portion may be visible, particularly if not done well.

Extension Length

Choose a length that isn’t too long compared to your natural growing hair. To do this, measure downward from the top of your ear to your desired length. Hair extensions are usually available in different lengths so ask your supplier if they have one close to your requirement. Do not skip this step as length can be influenced by certain factors, such as height and built. Your chosen length may appear shorter than what you expect once it’s already attached.


Style your hair with your extensions already attached. This will significantly cut your styling time and is also a great way to determine at which point your extensions need further blending. By straightening or curling your natural hair and hair extensions together, they will be inclined to blend better with each other. Visit your stylist for readjustment as your natural hair quickly outgrows your extension.

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