Lace Closure Installation Tips for Natural-Looking Long Locks

If you’re a woman who likes to know the latest hair trends on the market, you would have heard of lace closures. Lace closures are hair pieces that allow the wearer to have a full sew-in wig that covers up all but exposes the scalp for a more natural look, no matter the style. Lace closures are available in a variety of styles like wavy, curly, and straight. However, newbies to this trend will find that attaching it to the hair so it looks natural is the hardest part. Follow these quality lace  closure installation tips to rock natural-looking long locks.

Bleach and Tweeze to Blend

The knots at the base of the lace will stand out if you don’t bleach them. Unless, of course you buy lace closures that have already bleached knots. Bleaching the knots a lighter shade to match your scalp can make it look a little more natural. Once you’ve achieved the desired effect with bleach, take a pair of tweezers to pluck out some excess hairs on the edge of the closure. This way, your natural hairline has a more even look at the front.

Make Some Tight Braids

You will need to braid your hair tightly so you can put them all under the lace closure without leaving any out. You will need the help of a stylist to ensure that the hair is closely braided to the scalp. Be mindful of the pattern you choose for your braid. You might want to part your hair differently when you put it on so keep in mind the way you position the braids. Tighter braids allow for a better installation which gives it a more natural appearance. You also have the option to tape or glue down the braids to achieve a flatter look.

Put on Finishing Touches

Once you’ve finally attached the lace closures, you can put on some finishing touches. If you’re not quite satisfied with the bleaching job, you can finish the job with some make up. Apply some concealer or foundation on the parting to hide the knots better.

Using these tips, you can get the long hair you’ve always wanted without waiting for years and nobody will suspect that you’re wearing closures. To find the  best lace closures online, trust only companies like Virgin Hair Fixx.