Hair Talk: Taking Good Care of Your Beautiful Remy Hair Extensions

Hair extensions, unlike your real hair, can’t recover from the damage that it can suffer from everyday wear-and-tear. Even  durable Remy hair would quickly have to be replaced if not cared for properly. After you get your extensions, you can maintain your hair with the following procedures.



Have a regular brushing schedule; brush your hair twice a day. Do this using a soft brush that will be gentle on your hair and combine it with gentle strokes. Harsh and quick strokes stress your hair and can potentially pull at the bonds or attachment; this could lead to extension strands falling out. Separate each strand with your fingers and brush the hair gently so as to ensure that it won’t get tangled. Don’t start your brushing from the scalp area, but somewhere around the middle so as to avoid further disturbing the hair’s bonds.


The dirt and sweat that accumulates on your scalp as you go through your day can result in your hair extensions getting damaged and tangled.  High-quality virgin Remy hair from shops like Virgin Hair Fixx have the natural protection of the original cuticle, but this can get worn down by hair cleaning products. Washing your hair every two days is a good balance between being clean and dirty. When it’s time to wash your hair, avoid using harsh haircare products like anti-dandruff shampoos that contain sulfur and other chemicals. These can degrade the bonds that connect your extensions to your hair.

There is also a proper procedure to washing your hair. Don’t just apply your shampoo; gently massage it on your scalp. Cleanse from the top of your head and ensure that hair doesn’t get tangled. After rinsing, let your hair dry naturally; blow-drying can apply heat that could loosen and damage your hair extensions.


Before you sleep, ensure that your hair is dry; wet hair tangles easily while you’re sleeping. Wear a soft sleeping cap or tie your hair in a simple ponytail to further protect it from tangling. Sleeping can also cause friction in your hair as you move your head around while asleep; you may want to choose a satin or silk pillowcase that lets your hair move freely.

Even with all of these precautions, hair extensions don’t last forever. Try to drop by your local stylist to have your hair checked regularly. They can usually tell when your extensions finally need to be replaced or if they are good for another month.

(Source: How to Take Care of Weaves & Hair Extensions, Happy News)