Careful Selection and Aftercare for Virgin Hair Weave and Extensions

Red carpet events are probably the biggest happenings for the beauty and fashion industry, as everyone, both the celebrities and audience, are excited to see who will be the head-turners with their couture. Female celebrities, in particular, ensure that they look their best, from the top of their hair to the tip of their toes. One beauty secret that a number of celebrities are guilty of during occasions like these is  wearing virgin hair weave or hair extensions.


Upon spotting your favorite celebrity rocking a new hairdo, one might hastily go to the salon and copy that look. However, not everyone can sport a specific look, unless you’re Rihanna who manages to look her best in all styles. Therefore, women who aren’t willing to risk losing their hair, could consider having extensions instead.

Guidelines for Choosing

Although hair extensions or weaves are only good for a specific period, careful selection is essential in the process since these products come with huge amount of expenses. Therefore, it is important to choose only  high-quality Malaysian hair weave or extensions like that from the Virgin Hair Fixx. Keep in mind that the longer the length, the higher it would cost.

Prior to deciding on the specific hair bundle to buy, evaluate your hair’s current condition from its texture, color, and length in order to achieve desired look. Although hair extensions come in different application methods, if you choose to have hair weaves, it is important to have a professional stylist do the necessary attachment procedures on your head for accuracy, to avoid unwanted mishaps, and to be visually appealing.

Proper Aftercare

Fake hair attachments are to be treated similar to that of the natural hair. However, its immediate aftercare procedures are different and observing these are crucial in its maintenance. So don’t forget to ask for instructions from the hairstylist before leaving the salon.

Although hair extensions can be washed, bear in mind to not wash them for two days after having them installed. After this period though, washing is already possible but should only be done every two days, in a gentle manner, and avoid putting shampoo or conditioner on the area where it’s attached. When styling fake hair with heat, use a protectant of any kind and don’t apply heat on the attachment section as well.

Always air dry hair while brushing with a specially designed brush for extensions before washing and sleeping to avoid tangling, and for the natural oil to spread throughout the extension or weave. When sleeping, make some time to braid it or place it in a ponytail to avoid occurrence of tangles. If possible, sleep on satin sheets as well.

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